Terrible Tues Tips: Slashing Fools with Mac Spedale


Park City is open and really fun. Here Mac Spedale teaches you how to enjoy the most fun part of a day at PC: SLASHING GAPERS!

Now, if you want to see more of Mac, check out his part in Variety Pack’s “not bad!”

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Ha, whatever dude, you’re most likely just mad because you were the dude who got barreled while talking on his phone on the side of the run, and now your poor Blackberry is soggy 🙁 The hill is for riding not conference-calls

    This is a funny ass video, that last kid gets it so bad he eats it.

  2. real cool
    real cool says:

    nice job spraying a 3 yr old kid douchebags and nice boot grab 360, maybe your the gaper that should be getting sprayed.

  3. jerm
    jerm says:

    did i spy a tim b in there? that little kid got it so good hahaha, you know he went home that day complaining how bad his knees hurt form that. haha

  4. john o leary
    john o leary says:

    hey mac spedale..do u think ur chill with ur 12 inch stance and ashburys? spray somebody ur own size not a little 13 year old who cant even snowboard.

  5. Mort
    Mort says:

    I sprayed a fella parked in the middle of a run once. Turns out, he had a concussion and was in shock when I covered him up. I felt pretty bad so I drove him to the hospital. Apparently the Ski Patrol believes aspirin can heal broken bones and damaged frontal lobes.
    We had to recount the story to him every 10 minutes because his short term memory was toast. Eventually we grew tired of the truth.So by the time he had his MRI, he believed that he had stomped a switch 7, clean. Had picked up a waitress at the Mellow Mushroom and punched a husky Germanic guy in the marbles because he had poached his line.
    Good times.
    Spray responsibly.

  6. wickedpissah
    wickedpissah says:

    yeah sorry gotta agree with most of the people above…MFM’s part in Optimistic was hilarious because he was spraying gapers on their cell phones in the middle of runs but people that just fell? Should probably give them a high-five for trying something new (like you trying a 360 boot grab I liked that comment)…specially that 10 year old possible Mormon, you guys don’t deserve to be on yobeat for trying to be like MFM.
    P.S. I can’t wait till you get showed up riding at Park City and I hope some oober pro like Bode Merrill or even better MFM sprays you in the face and you dumb ashburys lens shatters and you, “go ahhh I can’t see anymore cause of all this gooey stuff in my eyes!”

  7. frank
    frank says:

    mellow yellow fools. mac will shit on all you. They are making something to entertain you little bastards while you go back and forth between snowboard sites to talk shit on and porn sites to jerk off to. You should be happy there is snow somewhere to actually make a funny ass video such as this. EAD

  8. Summit County Dude
    Summit County Dude says:

    I will not only spray a small child with a unicorn helmet cover but if said little bastard is crying in a eating establishment while I’m trying to get shit faced and pick up on tourists from Texas I will punch that damn kid right in the damned ol teeth!

  9. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out so bluntly. I was on my IPhone so I didn’t include the explination. I just thought it was weird that, considering ski patrol is supposed to be a registered EMT, and when I took my EMT class one of the first things they taught us is that you never administer aspirin to anyone at anytime ever, because of the staggering amount of people who are allergic to it. It’s really only good for heart attacks, and even then they wouldn’t use aspirin because thats what the AED is for. Sounds like your local hill needs to double-check its employees certifications.

  10. Lurch
    Lurch says:

    wicked pissah called Bode and uber pro……….. actually, he called him and “oober pro”. i thought you had to have an energy drink sponsor and a car sponsor to be an UBER pro. and i thought you have to take spelling lessons to be an internet hater.

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