Backyard Bang Hits Denver


Always make sure your kit is looking fresh, you never know where the cameras are.   p. Lyndsey Theriot

The Backyard Bang Rail Jam has hit the road, and the mile-high city was the destination. The Denver snow scene was treated to a circus of Salomon activity. The team was in there — signing autographs, making fun of things, and looking dirty. A DJ hurt the ears of little kids and parents alike, and food and beverages were available for the hungry.

The event had attracted enough potential riders to overbook any kind of list. This resulted in nervous riders hoping to get their chance to twist and press for some Skull Candy head phones. Eventually the jam got underway, while a beautiful Denver day kept everyone warm. (Take that Portland!)

Forrest Bailey pulled out the $2000 win in a move that might just prove he’s this year’s rail jam kid,  Two years ago it was Lucas Magoon that had the right moves, last year it was Jed Anderson, and I feel good when I say, welcome to the big leagues Forrest. Next year you should have all sorts of fans.

In the end, things shaped up like this:


1. Forest Bailey
2. Eric Van Assche
3. Derek Summering


1. Claire Hewitt DeMeyer
2. Melissa Kelly
3. Izzy LaLive

Wanna know about tricks and junk? Check the full video here.


Forrest sporting the 1890’s sketchy prospector look.  p. Lyndsey Theriot


Way to go ladies. p. Lyndsey Theriot


Super-Champ Forrest twists a lot when he snowboards.   p. Lyndsey Theriot


A rare glimpse of Forrest not on a rail.  p.Lyndsey Theriot


Frontboard or Fruntblunt? I hope frontboard.   p.Lyndsey Theriot


Almost pro dudes Jed Anderson and Harrison Gordon giving kids hope.  p. Lyndsey Theriot


Fuck double-corks when you can do this.  p. Lyndsey Theriot


Five or six people showed up.  p. Lyndsey Theriot


Jed Anderson, Chris Grenier, and for some reason LNP, pretending to be interested.  p.Lyndsey Theriot


Pat Milbery sliding on his tail.  p.Lyndsey Theriot

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  1. laughin!
    laughin! says:

    the girl that won didn’t actually land a trick… I mean seriously didn’t cleanly land a single trick in qualifiers or finals I have video to prove it, how does that happen???

  2. asscrack
    asscrack says:

    Im sure you were in the contest doing 5050s on everything. She rode 10 feet and fell on the gnrliest trick. 5050s arent a trick, its easier than turning. Quit being but hurt and try something new .

  3. laughin!
    laughin! says:

    I don’t understand your comment asscrack, I just saw two girls kill that down flat down and the yellow pants girl tried 270 on every try and didn’t land once, I was just wondering how not landing a trick wins. Blue pants girl did a clean nose press down the entire rail and one other chick did 50 50 180 50 50 on the green rail and that same girl hit all 3 features and got tricks. the purple pants chick that made the finals fell 3 times during the day before reaching the down box 2 times falling into the gap…

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I wasn’t there so I can’t speak on it, but seriously, I’ve been to a lot of rail jams where they give a girl the win for effort. It’s fucking gay and does nothing to advance the womens sport. If girls want to roll with guys, than they have to land the trucks. Being dumb enough to try a trick that’s way out of your league over and over and over again is not indicative of a good snowboarder, it just shows the chick is most likely into sadomasochism and doesn’t know when to quit. If she really didn’t land shit, than she doesn’t even deserve to make it past the qualifiers. Style wins over willingness to subject yourself to pain any day.

    And what the fuck, did LNP cut his hair? I find it hard to believe that his bearskin rug of a haircut would fit into that hat.

    Forest = Sketchy Prospector = FUNNY SHIT!

  5. eatithard
    eatithard says:

    Im pretty sure she was on the edge of landing the trick and fell due to things in the way of her after she landed. 5050s shouldnt beat that. What she was tryin was pushin womens snowboarding. Jimbro sometimes you talk to much. You probubaly think you know everything about snowboarding. You probubaly ride Keystone or something.

  6. wackyard bang
    wackyard bang says:

    Men’s finals were a joke as well. There were about ten dudes absolutely killing it in the qualifiers who didn’t make the cut, as opposed to the kids that made it and then took two or three runs in the finals. Hopefully next year, they have their shit together.

  7. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:


    Did you miss that entire first sentence where I said that I can’t comment on that specifically because I wasn’t there? And if she was on the “edge” of landing the trick, she didn’t land it, period. If that were a guy, and he tried a 540 onto a rail and muffed it, you wouldn’t give him the win over the dude who stomped all his 270s just because the guy tried (and failed, mind you) a trick that would “progress” the sport. And I wasn’t hating on her either, I was hating on judges who give wins to girls like that because it isn’t progressive to the girls sport, its actually more harmful because it promotes an image that the girls need to be babied, and I’m sorry but most true female rippers are way tougher than that shit.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, am I wrong for making the assumption that every single person who posts comments on these articles “thinks they know everything?” Apparently you think you know everything. It’s called an opinion dude, you should look it up sometimes… it’s under “O” in the dictionary.

  8. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:


    God damn I’m like typo city over here.

    And where the hell did you draw the assumption that I ride at Keystone? Did you consult your crystal ball on that? Maybe you should re-calibrate it cause you’re way off, like four states off

  9. JW
    JW says:

    Boxes are for chicks and beginners. It is like having a foam pit contest. At a certain point it is time to stop riding boxes in public…let’s have some integrity snowboarding!

  10. eatithard
    eatithard says:

    Jut the fact that you said that you’ve been to tons of jib contests is all I needed to hear Jimbro. Youre awesome man….

  11. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Boxes are cool, well, I should say that LEDGES are cool. I’m not a huge fan of park-constructed boxes in a supposed urban setting, but nothing beats a badass nosepress on a sticky-cement hubba ledge. Gotta respect the difficulty of that.

    I love it when the person I’m post-fighting with is online at the same time. It’s just so much more entertaining. If only I had as formidable an opponent as Zimmerman this time…

  12. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Did I ever say that I competed in them? I’m a snow journalist dude, of course I’ve been to tons of jib contests. And I didn’t throw it out there as if it qualified me as the authority on the subject, I simply stated that I’ve been to tons of jib contests WHERE THEY GIVE BULLSHIT RULINGS TO THE GIRLS. That’s the key point of the phrase there, without it you just about as in-context as Fox New’s Sean Hannity.

    But seriously, Iv’e seen girls in jib-contests that would hang even with the guys get pushed aside because some girl unsuccessfully tried something big. The shit is about as un-biased as the YoBeat photo battle.

    As much as I love it when the person I’m post-fighting with is online, you aren’t nearly as formidable an opponent as Zimmerman. Maybe next time you post you should take a break from eating hard cock and actually formulate an argument that doesn’t sound like a slightly more complex version of “I know you are but what am I?”

  13. Eatithard
    Eatithard says:

    Ok jimbro you win. Sorry if this got you heated. I was just board. Best of luck with your snow journalism career.

  14. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Oh I never get heated. I hope you didn’t either. Like I said, shit talking is my favorite part of this website. In fact, I encourage it. It makes for a really entertaining read… and its fun

  15. laughin!
    laughin! says:

    she didn’t land… nothing was in her way when she was falling, youtube that shit The girl that won even has part of just her falling, and how does falling on a down box beat switch nose press on a down flat down rail? I talked to one of the girls and I guess that was switch! You are all right 50 50’s shouldn’t win but what about front board on the rainbow box? thats better than falling isn’t it? and I agree with the dude that said the guys finals were a joke too, milberry did a 3 to tail press and didn’t press it out very much, how do you not get a tail press on a wack ass arbor draft? that shit is bent in half (tons of rocker) I guess if you’re a old washed up colorado pro next year you too could make the finals of the backyard gang bang…

  16. WASP
    WASP says:

    You guys are all idiots. Who goes to a city rail jam when it’s not snowing and expects to see some major sh*t pop off. Shut up and go shred you bunch of queers.

  17. summit county dude
    summit county dude says:

    What? they trucked in tons of snow, more than needed. There was plenty of shit that got thrown down wasp you’re a idiot! If you were there or knew what you were talking about you would know that people got tricks!

  18. snowbro
    snowbro says:

    GO TO TOWN ON THAT JUNK!!!! wow the pictures are all shitty taken mainly to soon, from all the ”rumors” i bet they are all true, but that photo girl is a pro hoe little slut, salomon is gay, forrest bailey fucking sucks. colorado is filled with a bunch of fucking fags.

  19. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    hate hate hate I love it. City rail jams are sick, and yeah, if you’re having a rail jam with a feature like that and names like Millberry and the likes, than fuck yeah we expect to see something. Some of these guys are supposed to be “pros”

    A couple years ago at the Boreal JPI I had the honor of watchin TK eat shit on every 450 he tried, and you know what? The mother fucker got last place and he deserved it. Who gives a shit if only like two guys were doing 4s by then? If you didn’t land the trick, than you should heed the advice of the late Mitch Hedberg and “GET THE FUCK OUT”

  20. DILT
    DILT says:

    JIMBO..pat chillberry is a fucking flute. that doo should have stayed a pro roller blader.n jimbo if u like him.u in the same boat

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