Magic Mondays Video from the Backyard Bang: Denver


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The first ever Denver edition of Salomon Snowboards went down in at the Art Institute on November 21st, 2009. Congrats to Forest Bailey, taking top honors at the event. Photos and story coming soon, but for now you’ll have to settle for a video. (Sometimes we do stuff backwards.)



1. Forrest Bailey
2. Eric Van Assche
3. Derek Summering


1. Claire Hewitt DeMeyer
2.Melissa Kelly
3. Izzy LaLive


  • matt

    forrest won and theres only 5 shots of him, great job, a video of a bunch of kooky Colorado kids

  • whodoyalove

    Yeah theres a lot of kooks in Colorado, but Forrest is from Vermont. Dude chill out theres way more kooks there. Forrest won hands down there was only 5 shots of everyone if that. Quit claimin and go eat some ben and jerrys with hannah kook.

  • 1337pwner

    Your parents name you Matt if they know you are going to be gay when you get older.

  • fred


  • matt

    im sorry you didnt understand, i wanted to see more forrest and less kooks, fuck colorado, fuck vermont and fuck you.

  • hahaha

    no, matt, fuck YOU!

  • Allen Knepper (Dad)

    Congrats Son!!!!

  • whodoyalove

    Matt you need to get laid or something. You seem real pissed off at snowboarding. Forrest won with 5 tricks. You must really be gay, you want to see more Forrest. Boo hoo.

  • matt

    what are you a fuckin homophobe, who wouldnt wanna see more of forrest, the guys awesome, you probally voted yes on prop 8 and your probally one of the aforementioned coloradians. kys

  • discovery

    colorado is a great place to snowboard so saying fuck colorado makes you seem ignorant and talentless. You, kys, sir.

  • HBake

    You seem to take your snowboarding very seriously. I suggest you lighten the fuck up and just enjoy it, or don’t watch videos from Colorado. Maybe you need to take a trip back to 21 Joke Street or wherever you’re from in Idontgiveafuck. Also, just because your favorite skaters say “kook” doesn’t mean that you will somehow become hip and badass by saying it.

  • matt

    u people seem to take your colorado very serial. awesome. its cold there. good luck

  • CO ripperz

    funny thing is matt is the man, forest is the man. im from colorado and you guys are all a bunch of kooks

    fuck colorado
    fuck vermont
    fuck idiots
    fuck YOU!

  • HBake

    Thanks Matt! You rule. (insert pic of thumbs up here)

  • HBake

    ohhh and kooks are kooks and you guys are kooks. kooks. kooooks.

  • HBake

    i am also a kook, but i love it.

  • drew

    that Forrest kid shouldnt have won, I was there, I competed, will lavigne got F’d cause he’s pro, also the guy who got third deserved 1st or second (front hardway on the dfd guy)

  • No, I disagree forest deserved to place but yes Will lavigne deserved to place as well he was riding really well

  • bg

    Im glad to see Forest handled business out there

  • forest has been dumpin em since day one. atta boy

  • ITT

    Silly Boarders. Why so serious?

  • jojo

    what song??

  • This is hands down the sickest episode of any anime EVER!!!