Stevens Pass Opening Day Faceshots


Once upon a time Stevens Pass Marketing Guy Matt Gormley emailed us asking us to take down a story and we did it. You may or may not know about our policy for removing articles, but let’s just say, if he can convince us to take something down, he can certain get us to put something up. True story.  So here’s the word from Stevens opening day yesterday, Nov 19th.

Stevens Pass is open for shred.

If you were trying to reach a Seattle snowboard or ski manufacturer on Thursday November 19, you were pretty much outta luck.  Every product manager, sales manager, local pro and administrative assistant made their way to Stevens Pass for opening day.  Stevens offered six lifts and a full top to bottom terrain park.  With 8″ overnight and another foot on the way, Stevens Pass lucked out with its 4500′ elevation.  It was raining just 500′ down the hill, making the commute from Seattle that much easier.

But Mother Nature reminded a few eager shredders that we are all really just guests in her tumultuous convergence zone.  A shiny new Ford 250 lay tipped on it’s side early in the day before the chairlifts even started spinning.  A little reminder to all the testosterone fueled junkies hoping for first chair:  Take your time and live to ride another day.  Don’t fuck around on US Hwy 2.  They don’t call it the highway of death for nothing.

Visit for the latest video clips, snow conditions and upcoming events.  Photos are of the face shots from opening day…

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  1. DON P
    DON P says:

    Look at those goggles. This is seriously what its like up here in WA. Shits kook centeral out of control. Everyone at Stevens is from Seattle or a redneck.

  2. wildo
    wildo says:

    hey man, i ride stevens and am not from seattle or a redneck, i’m a drug dealer from lake city way. not really though i’m definitely upper middle class and living in the suburbs. but stevens is rad, don’t talk shit

  3. start-up
    start-up says:

    Stevens being kook central has nothing to do with these people’s goggles but more likely the abundance of meth in the surrounding foothills

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