30s Thursday = Free Pizza


This isn’t even an article.  It’s a scheme to get more Twitter followers for High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  But read on — because I’ll buy you a cheese pizza.

Here’s the deal:

— Follow High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Twitter. Click Here.
(if you’re on Twitter already it’ll take 10 sec.  If you’re not, it’ll take 1 minute.)

— At some point before next week  I’m going to Tweet the “Secret Word.”

— The first person to post this “Secret Word” in the comments of this article, wins a pizza!  (I’ll call up the pizza place of your choice and pay for it by credit card, so you must post with your REAL email address.)

It’s literally the easiest way you can get a free large cheese pizza.  Plus it’s a great test of your skills on the comment boards.  Everyone loves claiming “first” — but can you be fastest when it really counts?  When a pizza is on the line?

I have no f*#%ing idea why we need more Twitter followers…  Apparently businesses are supposed to have a lot of Twitter followers now, and since I’m the Camp Director and Marketing Director for HCSC — I guess I’m just doing business.  Right?

Currently we have 452 followers.

Ashton Kutcher has 3,994,559.

We need to step up our game.

PS. Check out the brand new High Cascade site. Now.

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  1. laughin!
    laughin! says:

    milksteak if you’re pizza place doesn’t take plastic its cause its probably run by middle easterners and those fuckers have a card machine but they just want you to pay cash cause there is a small charge to use a card machine… and just go find a fuckin papa johns or some shit ok.

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