6.0 is Bangin’ Out(erwear)


Wow, that is a terrible headline. You see what I did there was combine two pieces of news from the Nike 6.0 camp into one headline, because doing two posts seems like a bit much. In English, Nike 6.0 just announced the addition of Mikkel Bang to its team. If you want to read a really in depth interview with his full of insight such as, “…biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome to keep riding? Mikkel: Getting injured,” check it out here. Mikkel is just on the footwear program, and will not be rocking 6.0 outerwear samples this season. Which brings us to the other piece of news: 6.0 will soon be making outerwear. The line will drop for shops and geeks to and ogle at SIA and will hit stores for the 2010/11 season. Now see, aren’t you glad we made that all one post?