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You may remember we have a little giveaway/promotion/general awesome deal going on. If you buy a snowboard before the end of November 2009 from any brand other than Burton, and send us a copy of a receipt, we’ll send you stickers. But that’s not all! Doing so will also enter you in a drawing for a soft goods kit including some of the items we “tested” in the Party Time Product reviews. We finally got off our lazy asses and took a picture of the stuff we’re sending out, so we figured, might as post it and let you know what one lucky consumer will be winning!

If you can’t tell, the kit includes:

09/10 Bonfire Cascade Jacket

09/10 Bonfire Prism Pant

09/10 DAKINE Mustang Gloves

09/10 DAKINE Fulcrum Crew Baselayer

Most of the items are slightly used, but we assure you they have been sufficiently disinfected. So if you’re buying (or have already bought) a snowboard this year, don’t miss your chance to win. Go here for all the details.

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      admin says:

      absolutely. Honestly, as long as you paid money for a snowboard relatively recently and can prove it, you are eligible.

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