Open for Business!

Is it just us or does the race to open seem especially fast this year? We are NOT complaining, and of course the early snow fall just about everywhere hasn’t hurt things either. This week resorts in the Northwest, Utah and Colorado all made it happen, and here’s what we know:

Brighton opened up on 11/11, even though Utah still needs some snow, badly. But if Brighton can do one thing, it’s put together a park, as evidenced in this video we stole off their website.

11/11 also saw first turns at Mt. Hood Meadows. We were there and it was pretty damn incredible for early November. They had a little park set up, in addition to the pow, but we didn’t go anywhere near the damn thing. We also found out on our stop to Sandy Shell that we’d missed the openings of Anthony Lakes and Timberline. We didn’t, however, miss Tline’s Early Season Pleasin’ Rail jam on Nov. 14, since it hasn’t happened yet. All the info is here.

Today Mt. Baker cranked up its lifts and let’s just say 72″ base and this photo we stole from Poor Man’s Heli:


Yes please! And Crystal is open as well.

Finally, the report from Colorado is good. Obviously those lucky Summit County bastards have been making turns for over a month now, but Breckenridge made it official on 11/12 with reports of a fun triple jump line on Park Lane. And if you want to watch a video of the snow conditions with a digicam, you can do that here.


Finally, Whistler is scheduled to open this weekend with Jib features in the Emerald Chair zone, which is we know, all you kids care about.

These are by all means not the only places open (Sunday River has been rocking for a while despite unseasonably high temps back east.) So get out there and go shred!

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  1. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    i’d just like to give a big thanks to mt. bachelor for being run by the biggest piles of shit on earth and not even having a set opening day yet…. two feet of snow apparently is not even close to enough.

  2. summit county dude
    summit county dude says:

    Keystone opened last week with a mini x games course, at the top of each feature you can find a downed technine kid and at the bottom a broke off gypsy, its so much fun to bonk them on yer way through the park!!

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