Viewed and Reviewed: The Airblaster Movie



by Stephen Hughes

So I will start out by saying that I am completely biased when it comes to Airblaster. Brooke says that’s cool and that makes me pleased as punch. I’ve been digging AB since day one, or maybe two, but those cats know how to have a good time and do their best to bring us along with them. The Airblaster Movie is no exception. With a very high bro factor in play, The Airblaster Movie is fun and epic in its non-epicness. There’s no ultra secrety shred spots that take a Sherpa or sled to get to. I’m pretty sure you can ride all the locations without a password or mysterious hand shake. I actually know for a fact you can get to two of them easily enough. Since I’m a North Carolina native and grew up in Maggie Valley, where the first segment was filmed, and frequent Appalachian in the winter, I can speak with confidence concerning the accessibility of both hills.

For a professional snowboarding crew to come to NC much less The Valley, is about as common as getting struck by lightening and bitten by a shark in the same day. NC is a blast though, and I love turning nothing into something. I reckon those fellas do to. Sometimes it’s not even about the terrain, but the company you keep. When you ride the same 4-5 slopes every week you gotta step outside the box, then smash that box. Then tape it back together and then build a box fort with it. It’s important to have some riding buddies that push you and just want to get their ya yas.

And one thing’s for sure, no matter where The Air Crew ventures in The Airblaster Movie, whether it be NC, Seoul Korea, Tokyo, Tahoe, there’s good boarding.  Like Ricky Hower says, “We did some boarding.” There are big mountain segments, parks, tree runs, pillows, bonks, jibs, spinners, flippers, whoopsy doodles, wind lips, kickers and giant beetles. Some folks do The Worm and others don’t. The cast is awesome: Ben Lynch, Jed Anderson, TJ Schneider, Eric Messier, Travis Parker and on and on. The soundtrack is also unconventional for a snowboarding flick. Frankie Valley, Ronettes, Stones, Siouxsie and The Banshees. It fits the vibe and probably did not cost half the budget for the rights.

In summation and with a totally partisan take, I must say that The Airblaster Movie is a great flick about riding. My four year old boy dug it too. “That’s fun!” he said. “That’s looks cool! Dad, you need to do that!”  Basically, it’s so much fun a four-year-old can watch it and stay interested, and that’s saying something.

In double summation when I think of most riders and filmers communicating about an upcoming filming season, I see lots of iPhones, VOIP connections, web conferences and other hi tech jibber jabber. When I think of  the Airblaster folks working out the particulars of The Airblaster movie, I see paper cup phones connected by lots of string all across this great land, and maybe a few magna doodles for good measure. I know that’s a complete impossibility but lighten up. Support a small business run by good people. The movie is super cheap. Buy it . Watch it. Write Airblaster and thank them and then go boardin’.

  • sounds solid. i checka it.

  • Last year this showed in our town, everyone expected this one to suck and just wanted to see the Mac Dawg one. Now its one of my favorites, and turned me against Mack Dawg; It reminds you that snowboarding is fun, and reckless.

  • Thomas

    Airblaster is and always will be one of the most legit brands in snowboarding.