Abe Blair and Nick Visconti: Behind the Photo

Last week we added the option “they both suck” to the Firing Squad. It was probably suggested as a joke, but you shouldn’t tempt us with things like that. We like to keep people on their toes. When the option was first added it quickly got a lot of votes, but as the battle progressed we ended up with one winner and one loser. Boring really. Anyway, the loser was Abe Blair’s photo of Nick Visconti. Here’s the story behind it.

I was passing through Tahoe and wanted to hook up with Nick Visconti to shoot some photos.  He said he had a big kink that we could shoot, he told me it had been shot quite a bit but also wanted to get a video shot on it also.  I was stoked on the rail but really wanted to try not shooting a stock angle on it.  I found the little window through the trees and liked it, but it didn’t exactly do the rail justice.  I asked Nick what he thought, and as always was down to try something different.  He hit it a few times getting this behemoth everytime until I got the timing just right.  Once we got the shot it was one to the next feature.  In hindsight, maybe I should have kept it simple and just shot a more standard angle, but it is always fun to try new things.  At least I won’t be the first person to go out on the vote “They Both Suck.”

To see more of Abe’s work check out www.Blindmanphotos.com and to follow Nick’s antics go to tahoedangerzone.blogspot.com/

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