Sk8 Eug Art Show and Benefit


A close up shot of Eric Purdy’s jewelry clad zombie owl.

Art and skateboarding share a long history. When purchasing a deck, size and shape are key factors, but to say the graphic doesn’t mean anything to you is bullshit. The recent explosion of skate art, which of course trickled down into snowboarding, has brought a whole new world of money into our grubby little mitts. Now instead of stealing a bench or having dad build you a quarter pipe, old richies are buying custom painted skateboards to help raise money for skateparks. One such example of this beautiful business model took place November 6th in Eugene, Oregon. The money donated at this show will help to build one of Oregon’s most impressive skate parks yet.


Two of the better decks on display.

The show was designed to raise money for the new Eugene skatepark which will rest under the Washington Jefferson bridge. This park will create a free, year-round, dry skate spot in Eugene’s otherwise disgustingly soggy Pacific Northwest climate. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the park will sit just a few miles off of I5, so the legendary skate trips up from Washington to California will have another spot to add to the checklist. Anyway, 100 or so decks and one giant surfboard were hung on the walls of an unnamed space. People of all ages drank beer, sipped wine, and talked about art and skateboarding, all while helping to support a good cause.

Apparently the Mayor showed up at some point and said some nice things. To help add some extra money to the pot a whole slew of goodies were being sold to help continue the donation efforts. A DJ also helped excite the atmosphere, and  flowing kegs and cheap red wine ensured that the night wouldn’t slow down.

The decks on display were done by artists from all walks of life. Some were done by youngsters just exploring their artistic talents, while others were done by folks that doodle for a living. The big winner of the night was Eric Purdy, whose giant surfboard painting sold for $500 bucks. In the end though some money got raised, more awareness to the need for skateparks was gathered, and everyone had a fine time, even after the massive brawl that ended the show and caused plenty of tears.

A big thanks to Lord Lee Brick, Wild Duck, the City of Eugene, and the Ninkasi Brewing Company.


Red Cups and ex-Team Managers, finger flying Wet Rat has had more TM jobs than he can count.


The Disco board actually works as a skateboard and a disco ball. If it didn’t weigh 30 pounds I’d try it out.


Kirsten Karkanen’s Play Boy deck had all the young skaters starring.


After dominating the show Eric Purdy landed a solid right on some drunk asshole.


This three board series wasn’t created with paint, but actually burned into the decks.


Diverse crowd for sure.


I see a CAPiTA inspired drawing, and a board by someone who’s into acid.