Wolf Creek and a Legit Opening Day


Are you jealous of Eric Frazier right now? Yeah, me too.

Story and Photos by Brad Jameson

What’s that saying? “When the resort boasts powder, it’s a dusting. If they say packed powder, it means moguls. And if they claim firm groomers, they mean ice.” So what does it mean when the resort advertises “VERY EARLY SEASON CONDITIONS EXIST ALONG WITH UNMARKED OBSTACLES?

It means bring your rock board dummy, because you’re going to run into a lot of shit before you find a wind-loaded pocket that actually has something to sink your boots into.


Face shots! George Knowles

With the storms over the past few weeks, the most recent leaving 26 inches, snow conditions and crowds at Wolf Creek, CO were closer to ideal than some other recent openings, which have been limited to a single lane of snow, already melting by the time you’re allowed on it. The crowds were at a minimum, and with only 3 lifts open, people were spread out enough that you could still find some untouched spots into the late afternoon.

Wolf Creek is a riders’ mountain, and realizes the advantages of “shred at your own risk.’ Other resorts in the area, which have received the same amount of snow, will stay closed for another month. Wolf Creek just says yeah we’ve got some, have at it, just don’t cry and expect us to hand out base welding vouchers.


3rd place front board. Tony Albright

But who wants to ride pow in the afternoon sunshine on opening day? Come on we got a rail jam to watch!  Wolf is generally known as a powder paradise, so for them to advertise a rail jam on opening day was out of character and needless to say, everyone was curious to see what would happen.

With a $2 entry fee, one prize, and only 2 rails, this was the friendliest, most relaxed rail jam ever. Just the way Wolf Creek likes it.  Basically it was a “pay $2 if it’s in your pocket to ride the rails, get heckled by your friends and possibly hear your name called at the end” jam.  The majority of participants were students from Fort Lewis College in nearby Durango and the peanut gallery and judges generally knew everyone on a first name basis. Although no one invented any new tricks and the setup wasn’t ground breaking, it was a lot of fun, with lots of smiles, one footers, slams, coronas, blood, and shit talking.


What’s a little blood when you just got 2nd place in a rail jam!?

When all was said and done, the results looked like this:

1. Erik Roby
2. Daniel — Bloodbath honorable mention
3. Tony Albright

token-skier division. Woody Smith

Big thanks to Wolf Creek and here’s to them staying just the way they are.

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