Banana Way is the Only Way…


… to get from Point A to Point B in Carlsbourg, WA. (Ok, from the road to Mervin’s headquarters) But that’s because the community has renamed a street in honor of the local business Mervin Manufacturing. Who knew city council gave a shit about Magne-traction?!

In recognition for design excellence in it’s 2006 creation of Banana Technology its predecessor Magne-Traction and for it’s positive contributions to the community Mervin Manufacturing was honored by the community of Carlsborg WA with its own road “Banana Way”.  The sun beamed down through a bright blue hole in the sky during the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony that was held on Oct 29th.

Read the whole story here.Wonder how long it’ll be until Industrial Parkway becomes “Three-Hole Pattern Way.” As Boardistan pointed out to us, every good idea starts at Mervin.

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