A Gas-free Hump Day with Mike Parziale of Grease not Gas



Over the past 6 years, instead of just talking about “going green” Mike Parziale has been doing it. With his company, Grease Not Gas, Mike has helped many people convert their diesel vehicles to run on waste vegetable oil. He’s toured with bands like Piebald, embarked on adventures with Snowboarder Magazine, driven HCSC campers to and from the hill, and toured promoting sustainable energy for brands such as Cliff Bar. His latest venture is the Grease Bus, which takes people from Portland to Mt. Hood Meadows for $10 round trip all winter long.

For more info check out greasenotgas.com and greasebus.com

Film by Jared Souney.

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  1. tg
    tg says:

    Mike, way to go. I remember the first time you showed my your truck and it has been at least 5 years later and you are still doing it! Congrats.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Hey Jared & Brooke, thanks for the video, it looks great! I’m honored to be featured in the hump day extravaganza. I just added another 8′ flat bank section to the miniramp so be sure to come over and skate that soon. That’s a funny shot in the movie where i’m trying to teach Lalo and the neighborhood crew how to pump on the ramp. Thanks again!

  3. Luke
    Luke says:

    Handsome and Smart…whatta catch!

    Glad to see a fellow grease bretheren getting some props. Parziale is a genius. Piebald is gonna sue you with their high-priced Hollywood lawyers for using that music.

  4. Sandy P
    Sandy P says:

    I remember the first couple of years you had Bonesaw. Two big plastic trash barrels in the back splashing grease in the flatbed of the truck. You’ve come a long way, learning by trial and error. You’re such a smartie. This video is great. Thanks to the guys who made it and posted it. Hope you have a great season with Greasebus.

  5. DAD
    DAD says:

    Nice job Mike, another great video to promote alternative fuels. Every little bit helps. Hope you convince many others to join in. I remember that first conversion in our driveway, you’ve learned an awful lot since then.

  6. amy
    amy says:

    I remember when you cleaned out Bonesaw on the street in front of my house in Boulder, and the dogs in the neighborhood were drawn to that spot for the next year! 😉 I’m so glad Grease Bus is getting some more air-time. Hope you guys get a great snow season.

  7. bayne
    bayne says:

    thanks for the link. bitchin vid. can’t wait to get on the bus and go boardin wit yall. Im gonna forward the vid to some peeps to spread the word. Im glad i got to skate your beautiful ramp before it got moved. We just built a cover for the ramp at tims today so we can skate it this winter. give a shout if your back in the hood.

  8. Preston
    Preston says:

    Mike, I just watched this and realized I still haven’t gotten my trailer out of your yard. Sorry man.
    If it’s not out of there by Thanksgiving, I’ll give you a Veggie Oil Massage.

  9. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Mike ~

    You are such an inspiration! Walking the walk… or riding the ride, I guess. I “got to get me a grease-mobile” for Time Well Spent. Rob’s tired of me throwing “found treasures” from the side of the road into the Caddy! haha… Of course, the lease is up soon on that baby we never could afford, so I better find something or I’ll be hauling old windows and chairs from the side of the road home on my back.

    Mark’s got his license and is already mapping out his cross-country trip for summer ’11 ~ crazy kid! Can’t imagine where he got that idea???!!!

    Grease Not Gas ROCKS! I’ll post on my blog and tweet about ya – should reach a few dozen people! Hugs to you and Maegan from the family back east.

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