Louie Vito Voted of DWTS


After six weeks of fot-trotting, two-stepping and jitterbugging, Louie Vito’s time on Dancing With the Stars came to an end on October 27th. Really, the only emotion to sum it up is 🙁

As awful as the show was to watch, I must say I looked forward to Mondays to see what sleeveless getup Louie would be rocking that week and that sweet new moves he’d learned.

If you caught this Monday’s episode, then you know the public was wrong: Louie back flipped off the judges stand for Pete’s sake! But the public is often wrong, and so Louie found himself in a dance off with Michael Irvin. At least he didn’t get voted outright like Mellisa Joan Heart (her waltz was awful.) In the dance off, Louie won the heart of judge Bruno, but was voted against by the two other judges, making him the 8th person voted off the show.

So what’s in the future for Vito? Well, he’ll certainly have more free time to work on his quadruple corks for the Olympics so that’s good. But is another reality show in the works? Or will he use his backflipping skills to go into Parkour? Only time will tell. For now, thank you Louie for making Monday night TV mildly entertaining for the past 6 weeks. I will now go back to watching Gossip Girl.

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    After last night’s show I just what to say I AM DONE watching DWTS!!!! So much for the viewers deciding who stays and who goes.

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