Behind the shot with Dylan and Bart

In what has been hailed in our “best battle in weeks,” Dylan Hart’s shot of Bart Patitucci met its maker. And all he gets is this lousy write up. Ok, it’s not nice for me to call it lousy since he actually wrote about his own shot. Here ya go.

Bart Patitucci is a rad kid with a good heart.  He prefers to think outside of the box and his interests seem a little more diverse than the average snowboarder.  I like that he thinks about jibbing with an artists eye; avoiding the classic “bangers” talk to speak more personally about snowboarding, specific features, and the corresponding feelings he gets from this fun activity.  Watch out for this kid’s nasty all-mountain steeze and for the bidet he and his gf just installed in their house.

I think we had already been riding this day…but decided to meet up at WWU in Bham one cold night last winter.  By 11pm Bart had warmed up on a smaller rail with his friends and I hung out and snapped a few.  He told me he had been scoping out this other wooden rail behind some of our famous “faux” frat houses and that it would probably be a go if we could get lights there.  By one am we secured a power source for our shop lights with the help of two girls hanging out in their dorm.  With the help of his buddy, we got the extension cords plugged in and set outside.

I set up my flashes and Voila! It took Bart just a few tries to nail the 5-0 perfectly for the photo.  We went home tired, happy, and with tempeh on our minds.

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