Mt. Hood Meadows Pass Deals are Almost Over

Where will we be riding this winter? Mt. Hood Meadows, that’s where. So don’t blow your chance to stalk us by having to pay day ticket rates or full price on a season pass. Get your group together by Oct. 31 and take advantage of group deals, or don’t say we didn’t tell ya so.


Mt. Hood Meadows 4×4, 3×3 and 2×2 
Group Season Pass Deals End October 31
4×4, 3×3, 2×2 group pricing offer best season pass deals on Mt. Hood

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) — Time is running out to get the best deal possible on a Mt. Hood Meadows unlimited season pass. Meadows’ popular group pass deals, which allow friends to buddy up to get the best savings, end October 31.
“There is no better deal on a season pass on Mt. Hood or in Oregon,” claims Mt. Hood Meadows Executive Director Dave Tragethon. “When you combine the terrain we offer, the hospitality experience and the length of season, an unlimited season pass at these prices is an exceptional bargain. Everyone who is planning on recreating this winter should take advantage of it.”

The deals allow four adults age 23 — 64 to purchase their unlimited season passes for $449 each, half the price of a regular season price of $900! Ages 15 — 22 can purchase $339 passes each when putting together a group of three, and ages 7 — 14 can purchase $229 passes each when forming a group of two.

The group programs allow four people — friends or strangers — to buddy up and purchase their passes online. Each transaction is private — no personal or financial information is exchanged between purchasers.

For more information visit the resort website

2 replies
  1. lame
    lame says:

    Meadows is a bunch of gurls that dont give two poops about snowboard. They are making that resort a family resort instead of a Mountain resort. They havnt had a good park for about 3 years now.

  2. Ian
    Ian says:

    Tru dat, and fuck I why would anyone care to stalk people who type shit on yobeat?
    I’d personally love to see Mt. Hood get some kind of a “REAL” park. None of the resorts seem like they are bringing the heat. If Hood is the best in the summer someone should be able to make it great when there is plenty of snow.

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