Dangerzone Season 2 Starts Yesterday

We killed it so hard on the news posts yesterday, we didn’t want to overwhelm you people with another one, so when Dangerzone sent us this video, we didn’t post it. You snooze, you lose, and now it’s on every fricken site, but whatever. We are still posting it! Check out what’s in store for Dangerzone: Season 2.

Check out tahoedangerzone.blogspot.com for new webisodes all season long.

8 replies

    this is the gayest fucking shit ive ever seen. no one wants to see your stupid fucking snowboard movie acting and all your funny little inside jokes. fucks. stop playing dress up in pirate hats. and dirty white jeans…ABD….already been done…. stick a dream catcher up your butt and putt on a damn t-shirt. stupid fucking corny titles. gay ass intro. dont laugh at yourself on camera. are you fucking dumb. there is nothing is this that made me laugh. dangerzone, butt fucking is a dangerous zone.

  2. ha ha ha
    ha ha ha says:

    h ah ha that intro was pretty emberassin to watch but at least they are gettin out there and hater homey above needs to chill, its all fun….i’d like to see what you’re workin with hater….if you’re so offended by this edit then quit watching it and get der names out yo mouth kook

  3. hey doucher
    hey doucher says:

    hating is fun you fuck, thats part of snowboarding, why the fuck would anyone love EVERYTHING ,, true it is all fun, im having tons of fun hating on you, you left the weakest come back comment ever. you V neck mother fuckers wouldnt even know what love or peace was if no talked shit on you.

  4. bradshaw
    bradshaw says:

    I aint a homophobe but what the fuck is this gay shit, come on guys nothin funny about acting fuckin fagg an tryin to act like its all fun and love, if so jus go fuck eachother film that shit then giv us somthin to laugh at, not hatin jus sayin what the fuck are lil kids gonna think when they see snowboarding portrayed as a gay as this shit, quit swingin ur lil girl arms around an flippin ur wrists when u talk unless ur a fag jus say so, boardin would have its first official gaypro, mabye a gimp suit outerwear with ball an gagger!!!!

  5. Brendan.
    Brendan. says:

    Well bradshaw, I am gay. And offended. That was very rude. And as far as children go, just send them to me, I’ll teach them a lesson or two.

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