High Fives with Todd Richards: Parkour!


Obviously working for Yobeat is paying off huge for Mr. Todd Richards as he just hosted a gig on MTV! Now that the Music Television Station no longer offers music, they have been scrambling for new “legit” shows.  Last night MTV ran a Parkour challenge. You know parkour, it’s that French sport where people run and jump/flip/spin through urban areas. Well, Todd hosted it, and now you’re going to hear all about it. Enjoy the extra two questions this week free of charge and courtesy of Yobeat.

Yobeat: So you’re the parkour guy now?

Todd: Well, funny you should ask. I got a call from my friend who is a production guy and he said, “You ever seen those clips on Youtube where dudes are like flying through the air and flipping and like running up walls n’ stuff?” I said, “What, you mean meth heads?” And he’s all Google this shit. So I did and I went “Wow” and he said, “you want to host this show,” and I said “does it pay,” and he said “yes,” and I said “yes.”

Is hosting parkour any different than snowboarding?

These dudes do urban Mctwists and human kickflips n’ stuff. Basically it really is 16 wheels short of rollerblading, but cooler ‘cause they flip off buildings and like do moves where you run up walls like Spiderman and meth heads being chased by cops.

Did you do this show because you were jealous of Louie Vito’s camera time?

Oh man this was way before Tiny Dancerâ„¢ got his big break, but yes I am jealous of Louie’s mad dancing money. Fresh mad loot yo, snap.

How hard do these guys slam?

Oh man, this one guy, he came up short on this roof to ladder transfer and got served. Like total miss a grip to half backflip to head-face-neck. Oh and any time that Street Bike Tommy had to do anything physical. He tried to run the course and almost tore his taint into halves.

Are you switching from snowboard announcer to weird alternative sport announcer?

Yeah I think that will keep it spicy. Just wait, next is like a cooking show, then a travel show, then I’ll be like the Wolf Blitzer of hip shit, or a total douche sandwich, it’s really a fine line.

Have you been inspired to jump around cities now?

Yeah like the whole thing with parkour is constant movement. Kind of like the wrong choice at a taco cart followed by a quad expresso. So these guys like keep running, always running n’ shit. It looks really tiring. Plus I would always stop and look back to see who is checking me out. I think that the border crosser illegal immigrants should look into parkour, might make hopping that fence way easier.

Dream team of parkour, who do you put on it for the next big MTV street jumping show?

Ok dream team for me: Rosie O’donnell, Gary Coleman, Nate Bozung, Beetlejuice from Howard Stern, and Bruce Lee. I know Bruce Lee is dead, this is this other Bruce Lee that I know, he is only marginally skilled at walking. Basically I would just pull up a lawn chair and pop a Fresca and watch Rosie O’donnell use Gary Coleman as a foot stool.

Wanna see more on this show? Maybe even watch it for free? Check the link people.

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  1. Rafe Kelley
    Rafe Kelley says:

    I am sorry but I hate this interview. This type of attitude is not at all what parkour or its community is or has been about. MTV getting a hold of parkour was a disaster and this guy doing the commentating was a disaster. Parkour is not an extreme sport its not about going big or going home its not about rebellion or fuck the man, its not about rollerblading without wheels or skateboarding without a skateboard, its not soap showing or freestyle walking or doing mctwists in the city and everytime I have to explain this to people who just don’t get it it kills me and every time some one with no understanding has big forum to shout their bullshit about our discipline it drives me crazy.

    Parkour is discipline of developing the ability to overcome obstacles both physical and mental the goal is become stronger better people to be more useful and more true to themselves. No offense to snowboarding, skateboarding or any other sport I can admire what you guys do I enjoy hitting the slopes myself, but when you try to lump what we do in with it when you frame it from that perspective you miss the point entirely.

  2. Kim
    Kim says:

    No, snowboard site or not, that is the best first voice description of Parcour I have found; ironic since the desire to learn more about Parcour is what led me here.

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