30s Thursday is in a Rut


This handplant is five years old, but yet Preston is still doing it.

If you’re like me, you sometimes get stuck in ruts.  Days turn into weeks, and I realize I’ve been doing the same thing over and over. Days turn into weeks, and I realize I’ve been doing the same thing over and over (oops, there I go again). It happens with the food I eat, the tricks I try snowboarding, hell, even the websites I visit.

Chances are this happens to you too.  As you read this article right now you are in one of two categories:

1.    You habitually come to Yobeat.com and this is part of your daily or weekly periodic check in.  (if so, this is a good thing, please continue)


2.    You are discovering Yobeat.com for the first time, having departed from your typical cyber-rut (if so, good for you, welcome, and way to live it up).

As a 30+ year old snowboarder who has never had a social network account or any stocks to follow, the bulk of my “Interneting” is spent cruising the same snowboard websites I’ve been going to since the late 90’s.  Call me old-fashioned (or just old), but I find most new website names too perverted and confusing to explore the unknown.  In a digital sea of porn sites and perversion I’m afraid I’ll hit one wrong button and have some Hotmail Googling my YouTube trying to get me to Twitter all over his Facebook.  WTF am I to make of all this?

Welp, I recently received some friendly advice and came across the following 5 sites that helped me expand my horizon:

1.) TED.com If you only try one new website go here.  This is the best website I’ve ever been to.  Amazing people, giving amazing speeches about amazing things. Watch the video about Cave exploration first.
Thanks Ben

2.) drankbeverage.com This product is awesome.  It’s marketed as the anti-energy drink that helps you relax and urges you to “slow your roll”.
Thanks TBird

3.) peopleofwalmart.com — I typically don’t like things that blatantly make fun of people, but this site really is kind of funny.
Thanks again Ben

4.) hulu.com – (yeah I realize most of you already know about this)  Free instant SNL, Simpsons, 30 Rock and Conan?  Why the hell didn’t I know about this sooner?
Thanks Kisiel

5.) poopbattle.com —  You can’t visit this site yet, but I just bought the URL and it’s going to be awesome.  Get those cameras ready.

So how does this relate to snowboarding?  I don’t know… be careful of ruts that might limit your enjoyment of our sport this winter.

Use these simple 1 &10 rules and you should be fine:

1.    Take at least 1 high-speed freeride run for every 10 park runs.
2.    For every 10 times you do a trick you know, make sure you try 1 new one.
3.    For every 1 energy drink you drink, quit drinking them for 10 years.
4.    Strike up a conversation with at least 1 in 10 strangers you share a chair with.
5.    For every 1 NIT (non-intentional-tindy) do 10 MUM’s (make-up-methods).

Now go check out TED.com

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Hah, that people of WalMart site is just tooo much. I do have another suggestion for you though Preston. You should head on over to failblog.org and check out all the wonderfully splendid people who fail at life…

  2. peer pressure
    peer pressure says:

    why do you continually remind readers of your hatred of energy drinks? I’m hoping you can give a real explanation for this.

    most juices have just as much sugar, and most coffees have just as much caffeine.

    sugar, caffeine, and b-vitamins. you do realize that is what an energy drink is, right?

  3. Preston
    Preston says:

    Hey peer pressure.
    Thanks for the question.

    I guess I just find energy drinks so ridiculous that it’s fun for me to goof on them. My issues aren’t with their sugar levels or their caffeine levels. I think it’s the overall idea that they give you some special energy (and that this energy is especially useful for action sports). There are a million places you look that support energy drinks so I guess I’m trying to reverse this tide a bit. Actually – I should probably make a point to call out e-drinks every week somehow.

  4. scott
    scott says:

    the funny thing about energy drinks is their growing “synonymousness” with actual snowboard product. it’s interesting that its totally normal for someone to ride for lib tech and monster energy beverage, but strange to ride for stepchild and wonder bread.

    somehow energy drinks are beginning to slip past our “that doesn’t have anything to do with snowboarding” radars (sports like nascar or cycling do not have such radar) to become legitimate snowboarding stuff, as essential as a board, bindings, pants, or boots.

  5. Shane
    Shane says:

    Thanks for the article. Ted.com is seriously awesome and I don’t know that I’d ever have found it without this post. Happiness makes for good shredding. and there’s nothing wrong with being 30+. I’m cresting that in January and am always stoked to know that it’s not the death of riding and I’m not the only one.

  6. suggestion box
    suggestion box says:

    hahahahahaha just read this and its a pretty sweet article. I know this is a late response but you should totally do something with poopbattle.com if you still have the url. I know i would proudly support poopbattle and its endeavors, whatever they may be.

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