Hardass Hump Day with Laura Hadar



Cooking is for girls. Cole Barash photo.

Interview by Jack Boyd

One of the nice things about conducting and writing a feature on a female snowboarder is that you know everyone is going to read it. Dudes are a given because they have a penis and those little dinks have minds of their own. Girls are definitely reading it because they hate other girls (yes, even their friends — sorry friends) and want to find reasons to hate another one. So as you can see for me, the writer, it’s a win-win situation.

Despite this already awesome state of affairs, the deal is further sweetened as Laura and I go way back. We climbed a building together once — about a six story.  Sure it may not sound like a big deal but I can assure you a change in perception about two stories up when you’re clenching onto the rung of a rusty-ass ladder hastily bolted to the side of a crumbling edifice. Surely, my trembling legs and cowardly demeanor on the climb up ruined whatever prospect existed for a rooftop romp but it wasn’t a total loss as I did manage to get a couple of cigs and conversation with a view alongside one of the finest female shredders in the business.  This however is not the conversation that ensued — that my friend is between Ms. Hadar and myself. In the meantime here’s one you can borrow until tracking her down and finding your own damn building to climb.

YoBeat: Do you think the Nike 6.0’oers ever get bummed that they don’t get to ride for the good one (Nike Snowboarding)?

Laura: I think for the most part the 6.0 kids are kids, except maybe for Mason, which I have no contact with whatsoever with so I don’t know if he’s bummed or not.

Speaking of, how’s the Nike thing going — they ready to boot anyone off yet?

Ah, funny you should ask. No comment.

I was thinking about it the other day that, if say for instance, Tiger Woods became a drunken, womanizing slob who took to wiling out in public or during tournaments, chances are Nike would drop him in a heartbeat. Yet, on our end of the spectrum where that sort of behavior and lifestyle are glamorized, they’re overly anxious to latch onto and become identified with it. Kind of a crazy, ass-backwards situation isn’t it?

Well yes Jack, it is. But the thing is, the bad kids are always the cool kids in the end. And Nike is just down for the cool kids. Plus, they’re not all bad. Annie is pretty a straight-laced chick, so as far as our team, we’re kinda balanced. Nah, that’s a lie she’s like the odd chick out.


Modeling, only when necessary. Photo: Mikey Leblanc/Holden Outerwear

I think you stand out in most people’s mind because you’ve never played up the cute little snow bunny image. Do you think it’s hindered you at all sponsor-wise?

Hell no. I think if anything it’s helped me. I always explain it to people who have no clue about sponsors or the industry like this: I am the bad girl – they love me because they can market me as the edgy one. They put extra black eyeliner on me and don’t dress me up like a doll. Not being just another cute girl sets me aside from all the other chicks, which makes me different. And different is marketable.

When it comes to your career is there anything you would change – deals that you turned down or went with that make you wince in agony?

Nope, not a thing. I’ve always done what I think is right and believed in my decisions one hundred percent. And it’s not like people have ever been knocking down my door in the first place. I’ve just always gotten by. I’m a snowboarder’s snowboarder. Not an Olympian or X Games medalist. If you are not into the subculture of snowboarding chances are you’ve never heard of me, and I like it that way.


Dropping. Andy Wright photo.

You got yourself a boy-toy or you still perpin’ on the young Mormon shreds?

Six weeks today. I think this is a new world record for me. If any of you want to send me a congratulations card, just hit me up.

How’s the store (Fice) doing? Do you and your partner hate each other’s guts yet?

The store is awesome. I just got promoted and demoted at the same time. I am now in charge of “Events Coordination.” I guess they think I’m good with setting up the parties – go figure. My partner Corey and I are doing great. Sometimes we have to sit down and have talks, but he’s proud of me if I can communicate at all without any booze in the system.

Do you ever get asked if you have a snowboard team?

Not too often. Most people are unaware that I even snowboard. But then again I’m not in the shop all that much. I’d be open to getting some sort of team together to spread the word though. Maybe more of a street team anyway.

Let’s say the shred career and store suddenly disappeared – did you graduate from high school or have any type of other job skills to fall back on?

Well no. I graduated from an alternative high school, but really all I learned there was front fives and boardslides.  I think I would be perfectly happy just getting some crappy job making coffee or serving people food. That’s what all my friends do and they have great lives. Plus my resume is great – Village Inn, Cup Of Joes, Radda Cafe, Video Store something.


Action shot! Photo: Mikey Leblanc/Holden Outerwear

What made you want to start riding and how did you get your start up in this pile (the industry)?

I was skiing behind this snowboarder and he was doing these little turns and I was just thinking, man that is so much cooler than skiing. And so eventually I got more into it and went to the USASA and got to the World’s for boarder-cross! Fuck yeah! It was there I met the Oakley team manger at the time and it just snowballed from there.

What was your family background like growing up — were you dirt poor or well—to-do?

Not dirt poor. We lived in trailer with four kids and my mom worked four jobs until I was sixteen if that says anything.  I got the clean end of the stick (as opposed to “the shit end”) though because I was the youngest. So, by the time all my siblings were gone mom and I were eating salmon and having Nutella on our bagels.

What do your folks think about your snowboard career?

My parents are so hyped. My mom gets on me a lot about staying healthy and strong (thanks mom!) and my dad is like my number one fan. He goes to the store and gets all the magazines and then calls me and lets me know if I have any ads or photos in them. The best story though is the other day my dad was in some board shop and there was a COAL poster up of me and he goes, “Oh that’s my daughter” to the dude working. So the guy goes “Oh yeah what’s she like?” and my dad replied “a mix of Tony Robbins and Mick Jagger.” I’ve never had anyone nail it on the head so perfectly.


Elementary school kids beware. Andy Wright photo

You’re finally on CAPiTA – what took so long?

Fuck, ask Blue! I had a crush on CAPiTA for years but the timing just wasn’t right. Now we’re together and I couldn’t be happier. CAPiTA is the real shit, no jokes.

List the three lamest sponsors you’ve had and why?

Ah, shit. Flux because they had no idea what was going on and were somehow owned by Carmate, USA. I have no idea what that is but I’m going to guess it has nothing to do with snowboarding. Second, there’s only one other one and I really can’t say because if I hurt the dude’s feelings I’d feel horrible. Everything was set to be awesome and I really believed the company had a chance but it was like everything they did seemed retarded to me. Then again, I have no idea what it’s like to run a snowboard company, so whatever. They had really good intentions but their boards were like atomic bombs – and not in the good way. But seriously, all my sponsors have been awesome so thanks guys!


Smokin! Photo: Mikey Leblanc/Holden Outerwear

Tell us about the most embarrassing moment of your entire life.

I was taking this oil painting class with my dad at this local studio in Colorado from this pretentious foreigner guy. I was the youngest person in the class by probably forty years and one day during the break I went to the bathroom and just exploded diarrhea all over the toilet. I went to flush it and it started to get backed up. This guy from the class was waiting for the bathroom and I had to be like “Can you go get my dad?” while watching my little mini-turds flood onto the bathroom floor. They didn’t have a plunger so my dad had to go to the coffee shop next door and borrow theirs. Good thing everyone in the class was old and had probably already had that happen to them at least once in their lives.

Right now there are thousands of men reading this thinking, “If only she met me she would like me.” What traits could be found in your ultimate male companion?

Ultimate huh? Well he would able to build me a house or at least fix up my shit-hole. He could skate better than me but still think it’s hot and badass that I skate too. Has the ability and know-how to work on cars, trucks and motorcycles. Reads books and is somewhat smart with a good taste in music. Doesn’t look like a douche. Wears the same thing at least three times a week. Likes the outdoors and is adventurous, independent has goals and works hard.

Right now there are thousands of women reading this thinking, “this bitch thinks she’s sooo cool”…what traits do you look in your ultimate female BFF?

Some confident in who she is and isn’t weird, petty, jealous or high maintenance. She skates and snowboards better than me and has a good sense of humor. Likes to go outdoors and pee on stuff. Isn’t prissy, can hold her liquor and drags me over to her house for grilled cheese and a movie. She’ll trade clothes and go out of state together. And that doesn’t have lame boyfriend or one that is really nice or hot either.


Good landings (and knees) are overrated. Andy Wright photo.

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Nice interview Jack. Hadar is a bad ass chick, I can only hope to shoot with the likes of her this winter. And good job picking her up Blue, Capita seems like the perfect match for her

  2. cw
    cw says:

    “So, by the time all my siblings were gone mom and I were eating salmon and having Nutella on our bagels.” = best line I’ve read in ages. So funny.

  3. ryan
    ryan says:

    “Dudes are a given because they have a penis and those little dinks have minds of their own.”

    my little dink’s mind knows to stay the fuck away from hadar

  4. snowboarding has been canceled
    snowboarding has been canceled says:

    does anyone know what nike 6.0 stands for?

    it’s the 6th try they’ve made to hook the crack of swoosh consumerism to the emerging market of board heads.

    we kicked them out try after try after try in the 90’s. we laughed them off the floor at SIA year after year.

    they bought their way in- i have zero respect for those who sold out. nike has taken this sport by the throat and stole the soul of it.

    just don’t do it.

  5. Uggs
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    You can certainly see your skills in the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

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