Skeleton Crew World Premiere!


History was made at the Hollywood Theater last night.  Not any era-defining history, but it was the world premiere of Skeleton Crew’s debut film Group Effect.  In collaboration with Exit Real World’s Super Sweet 16 birthday party, all the locals made it out for a night of good friends and good films.  While it was jock-full of teenaged studs,it was  no high budget red-carpet Sweet 16 style event here.

Undoubtedly the best opener of the year goes to Jarad Hadi. Spitting out his two front teeth and a pool of blood got everyone ready for the night to ensue.  Playing more like a 40 minute “friends part” than an actual snowboard video, Group Effect brought together some of today’s most diverse riders into a collaborative all-types-of-snowboarding video. Some highlights of the film?  LNP is wearing actual outerwear. A pretty solid double front-flip.  Chris Bradshaw demolishing his lungs. Sandboarding in a Nick, Jarad, Tyler epic trio ending.

Since Yobeat demands the highest journalistic endeavors I’ve gone to the streets (or just the people sitting next to me at work) to gather a general consensus of the film.

Trevor Sullivan: “I liked watching Jarad knock his teeth out. I think that was everyone’s favorite part actually.”

Roberto Aragon: “They should call it Homies.”

Matt Bosworth: “Dick Jerks? Or Hadi.”

Sheena Darling: “It was more snowboarding than I knew what to do with.”

So there you have it.  A Super Sweet 16 with the Skeleton Crew.  No MTV cameras, no surprise performance from T.I., and no brand new Mercedes.  Just a snowboard video and some friends. — Bryanna Woll

For more info on the Skeleton Crew, check out Hump Day with the brains of the business, Evan Lefebvre

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  • blake

    Anyone know when it’s available to download?

    • admin

      Nov 15th- ish

  • test

    check vimeo search for group effect