Jibassic Public Invitational 5 Videos


What the fuck is a Public Invitational? Well, it’s what went down at Boreal last weekend.

bHappy films presents its edit for the team video challenge from the event. Thank you Boreal and everyone who made it happen!

Oh yeah, and this is what the bHappy guys are up against. The Hot Mess crew featuring Jake Devine, Ben Rice and Eric Messier.

Another video enters the ring. This one from the Visual Collective.

Alright, alright. The Sweaty Booze hounds want in too. Watch!

Team CouchBoy’s Entry

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  1. thomas
    thomas says:

    bhappy FTW. You’d think the better (or perhaps more notorious) roster would have a semi-legit editor.

    – way too many slomo’s
    – it appears your footage was in the wrong sequence preset

    I hate to sound like a nerd but I am one.

  2. Eric M
    Eric M says:

    Listen Fuck Boy…. Bhappy you dumb bitch. that has nothing to do with it. We all grew up here in tahoe. you are a transplant.Tahoe is all we know. Were not complaing about how much fun you think you’re having. Were just kids like you that love snowboarding..So who cares really? Go cry pussy

  3. Ben R
    Ben R says:

    Hey Bhappy Why dont you guys go thin your stances a little bit more go buy some new trucker hats and cram them under your helmets and strech those hoods over them and bite Jed Anderson some more. its funny how you critisize are vid which means you had to watch it 2 or 3 times I couldn’t make it 30 sec into you scramble fuck of an edit.
    Thanks for making me sink to your level.

  4. johnnybrady
    johnnybrady says:

    to eric and ben:

    first off, you guys killed it, but contrary to what you say, apparently everybody including yourselves care. you guys cared enough to lash out toward a random person who apparently is completely unassociated with bhappy. and ben, no one made you sink to any level; that was your choice. as for being transplants? i wouldnt even go as far as to say that the bhappy kids are transplants. only one of them actually has lived in tahoe while the rest put all their resources in to making it up here every chance they get. im not sure whats more commendable, have your status as a local and your skill as a snowboarder practically ascribed to you with tahoe being at your doorstep, or being a weekend warrior and taking advantage of every moment you get to board. and biting jed anderson steeze? ben ive seen some old trilogy arts videos and you have always been able to kill it, but you havent always worn jeans and leather while you board and consequently could also be said to “bite” someone’s steeze. im sorry you could only make it “30 sec into you scramble fuck of an edit” because you are really missing out on some cool shit. so i hope i didnt piss you guys off, because i really have looked up to mess and ben growing up. mess, you got a bitching ass method; and ben, you had some rad stuff in those old trilogy flicks and reuben was one of the first dudes to give me a snowboard for free when i was younger. bums me out how you guys got so bitter at some kids though.

  5. HAYDENemmington
    HAYDENemmington says:

    johnny brady, im going to write a novel of your kind wisdom one day. people, its snowboarding. its what us people for fun because it’s FUN. who cares what you wear, what your ride, etc., atleast youre out there having fun, and killing it. bhappy, i love all of you and appreciate what you bring to hill.


    Yo jake. I just got really bummed out. I used to watch your video part in some kinda life over and over again, studying every trick, idolizing you. Now, I still respect you as an amazing snowboarder, but It definately wont be the same when i watch your part now knowing that this guy is now a hater of one of his fans. I hope you guys soon realize what the meaning of snowboarding is………. I also hope we could move on from this and all board TOGETHER as friends. I have no hard feelings against you guys because i understand that you guys are just trying to win this thing.


  7. ..E-
    ..E- says:

    what’s everyone getting so worked up about…must have missed something. HOT MESS EXPRESS…great display of professionalism and sportsmanship…weak

  8. Ryan Scardigli
    Ryan Scardigli says:

    Bhappy guys and the rest of the JPI5, I would just like to say im sorry on behalf of my team. There was a missunderstanding about who was trash talking and in all fairness if I fucked up my sequence settings I would like to know. I’m sorry that it was blown out of proportion. Sam, just so you know, I don’t think Jake D knew anything about this, so please don’t hold this against him.

  9. Ben R
    Ben R says:

    Yeah im weak for talking shit. Im sick of it when its about me but whatever. lashing out at the filmer that dosent even snowboard and just needed the money to pay rent was over the line. I apologize for my actions. the internet is weak.

  10. ILOVE SNOW 55
    ILOVE SNOW 55 says:

    Wow, so if sportsmanship and class are part of the competition HOT MESS took their lessons from Kanye, a little less ego and a little more brotherhood please. The videos are all great and creative and congrats to all of you who put in all the effort to make them.

  11. Jake Devine
    Jake Devine says:

    Hey Sammy Thanks for the props. Yo Sammy I never hated on you, your guys riding was sick! So say what up to me and lets shred together. This is the first time I have seen all this trash talking and I’m not hating on anyone. Last weekend was fun riding and filming with everybody else. Yo Ben and Eric quit taking shit personal and shit, what the fuck? Sorry guys, looks like some of us really are a HOT MESS.

  12. Bryce Hymans
    Bryce Hymans says:

    ha damn i’ve never seen an arguement get so hot, n then get worked out on the internet before. Ha shit usually escalates worse n worse. I’m just glad that’s all over with. Hot mess you guys killed it! not too many dudes out there that would do that sketchy smokin sign ollie. let alone switch

  13. Sammy spiteri
    Sammy spiteri says:

    Im glad we cleared everything up. I dont want any hard feelings with anyone. Cant wait to board with you.


  14. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    ben rice talking smack? HA! he’s probably just exhausted and frustrated from putting all of his energy into being suuuuuuper fucking trendy, scrubbing the feces off of his penis, and coming to terms with the fact that he hit his prime years ago… and eric, nobody likes you. i cant even comprehend how many dicks you’ve sucked to get anywhere in snowboarding. You sure are a bunch of quality guys! jake is a sweetie. See you around!

  15. assistance
    assistance says:

    ryan- sounds like you need to come to terms with your insecurities man. Do you enjoy watching repeats of mr. rice to see his latest uniforms? Im going to go ahead and put you in the tool bag category assuming your probably the douche who cant figure out why your not getting laid because your too busy playing world of warcraft and massive blogging to figure it out. Your hating on a guy who probably out talents you by a far, gets laid more in a week then u will in a lifetime, and while your on the internet bully blogging he is out conquering.

    and as for eric sucking dick to get anywhere, im pretty sure this statement “jake is a sweetie. see you around!” has got to be the faggiest thing you can say to another dude.


  16. Cole Atencio
    Cole Atencio says:

    jake D is the mannnn! nuff said rite there. messier man… all i can say is this was a bummer man.. still rad tho not gonna lie. ben rice… idk man.

  17. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    Enjoyed the Booze Hounds video the most, mainly because it looked the most “fun.” …Just some friends enjoying being back on the snow.

  18. asteroidasteroid
    asteroidasteroid says:

    even though they hang out with a homoerotic skier the sweatyboozehounds are ripping and having the most fun with the best soundtrack. i vote boozehounds (are we voting?)

  19. RYAN
    RYAN says:

    Sear ‘assistance’ and Eric,
    Well eric, “sooooooooo many” obviously wasnt enough due to the fact that your sponsors are dropping you, realizing the terrible investment they’ve made. And as for getting laid, I obviously dont get laid neeeaarrly as much as BEN RICE considering HE RECENTLY HAD SEX WITH A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL IN BIG BEAR! ya know what thats called???? STATUTORY RAPE!!!!!

    Awaiting your response, Sincerely – Ryan

  20. matt
    matt says:


  21. Zak Shelhamer
    Zak Shelhamer says:

    Wow I feel like i missed out on all my friends saying things about other friends… see what happens to us when there isn’t any jumps for us to hit, we turn into animals. ANIMALS!!

  22. chinchilla
    chinchilla says:

    HEY LETS ALL PROPHESIZE ABOUT THE ESSENCE OF SNOWBOARDING AND WRITE PARAGRAPHS ARGUING ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET…seriuosly? i think all of you are gay computer nerds. go snowboarding, have fun. that simple

  23. g-tard
    g-tard says:

    wow….this looks like the comments on a fucking youtube video! but i agree with zakshelhamer. jumps are needed!

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