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Yobeat’s Fan Mail department recently received this extremely odd email. In the email it stated that, “My girlfriend painted this of Gabby (Maiden), I think it is awesome, but I’d like to know what she thinks.  It is being sold by Stoked for 75 bucks – charity.” Upon opening the attachment and seeing the painting I again decided it was either a great joke, or a seriously odd email. Gabby’s reaction was one of shock and flattery. Gabby probably wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not either, but either way, below is the picture, and the description the artist wrote for it. 


“Born by the shores of Long Island in mid-70s. Always on the look out for Jaws. Became nomadic when Mother donned combat boots. Drew on walls, sidewalks, books, & paper while teachers wonked. Headed back North to attend New York Institute of Technology. Majored in Architecture, Danger, and Loud Muzac. Borrowed 1st board at Mt. Snow, VT. Bit ice all day; fell in love after 6secs of cruising in one direction. Graduated with Lets Just Join the Air Force & See The World Degree. Stationed near slopes, hi-fived Ski Days. Despite communications designator; routinely commissioned to create illustrations, programs, and gifts for personnel & events. Won Air Force awards for art & photography. Honorably separated. Pursuing art & hopeful of career that marries art & snowboarding. 5’7″, curvy, enjoy long walks in the snow, rock, soul, reggae, illustration, painting, graphic design, wailing as I work, & the color red.” – The Artist

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  1. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    How cool that a person would be inspired to creatively & artistically think and give of themselves. If the painting has not sold yet I will pay for charity event $400.00
    Leave word on Yobeat ..
    Lucy Lu

  2. Lucy
    Lucy says:

    How cool to be the inspration of art I love it. if the painting has not sold I will pay $400.00 for charity. Please leave a message on yobeat love the colors you used assume!
    After all Gabby is truly a treasure !

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