A Bunch of New Sites

So for some reason we spent all summer updating our website. Now that the season is approaching, it turns out you can just launch a new site and everyone will go there all excited. Man, we blew it. Anyway, here are some of the new snowboard-related sites flooding the ‘net these days.


Actual photo of “the internet”

http://www.alternaactionfilms.com/projects — This one isn’t really new, but you can download Elektro here, which if I remember correctly, had a cool teaser.

http://snowcollective.org/ — Formerly Bad Boy Sodas, the boys from Utah are apparently going PG. To each his own…

http://www.soundsnowboarding.com/ — Although this site breaks our cardinal rule about making noise when you go to it, we like MFM, and there are lots of pictures of him on there.

www.dcshoes.com/snow/ — If nothing else, go check Pierre Wikberg’s shred-isodes. That dude is cool.

capitasnowboarding.com — and hey, our ads even link there!

http://www.monumentsnowboards.com/mnmnt_0910/ Our friends from Washington DC have a bunch of neat-o artsy shit going on that everyone else will likely do for 2012.

http://www.anttisworld.com/ — This is so Euro it hasn’t even really launched yet, but its you link to facebook friendship (or fandom) with Antti Autti.

Until next week, when the Internet is all different again!

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