Snowboy Productions Delivers another Downtown Throwdown


On top of the drop.     p. Jordan Strong

When the leaves change colors and summer becomes a distant memory the rail jam season begins. One of the most anticipated rail jam’s each year is Snowboy Productions Downtown Throwdown. This event is the biggest of it’s kind in Seattle, and always attracts large crowds and big name riders. 

This year the rider list was packed full of am’s, pro’s, and talented local kids. While last year’s winner Jed Anderson didn’t show up, along with a few other riders, half of the HCSC coaching staff did, along with Austin Hironaka, Ben Bilocq, Nick Visconti, Gus Engle, Austen Sweetin, Johnny Lazzareschi, Pat Milbery and new guy to watch for Forrest Bailey. A few others, some Canadians, and some local youth talent, including Seth Kitzke and Hironaka’s little brother Jacob, showed up as well. 

Personally the day started off terribly. I got to Seattle, scored a parking ticket while actually trying to pay for parking, and I was hungry. These problems quickly evaporated when Forrest Bailey started practice and shocked everyone with constant heavy bangers. 


Practice was crowded, but oddly only one or two collisions took place all day.    p. Jordan Strong

The contest lasted a few hours. Jesse Burtner was on the mic, cheerfully making fun of everyone and everything, especially Gus Engle (who looked like he had walked to the contest from Alaska). Guest judges Mark Thompson, Jon Kooley, Sean Genovese, Tim Eddy, and Austin Smith hooted, hollered, and twittered. A DJ hurt ears. The crowd cheered and jeered, and the riders put on a serious show. Scott Stevens pressed, slid, and fast-planted/frontflipped everything. Ben Bogart spun and pressed with an incredible amount of control for October, and put the days best handplant down on the wallride. Gus Engle spent an afternoon slamming his face and eventually landed a huge back 360 onto the down box. Ben Bilocq did exactly what he does, perform well while pressing and sliding everything in style. Johnny Lazz tried all the hard stuff, and while he ended up bloody, he also put on a damn fine show. Guy out of left feild Forrest Bailey showed up, tried every truly difficult rail trick in the book, and landed most of them. Nick Visconti rode well, landing multiple bangers and getting creative with a bag of grabs, slides, and other junk that impressed all. Visconti was in mid-season shape, locking in perfectly and landing so many tricks that by the end he had run out of ideas and began trying grabs off the rail takeoffs. 


Downtown Throwdown guru Krush Kaluza and the DJ guy.     p. Jordan Strong

In the end everyone had a great time. Friends got to see each other, Seattle’s snowboard fan base was given an all-star show, and the bum population in Seattle got a good laugh. In the end Snowboy Productions could afford to pay six riders, top five and best trick (sounds good for the economy). Best trick was given to Jason Robinson, for a 360 on 180 off or something, but I think in fairness that trophy should have been a tie. Signal’s new rider Ben Bogart came in 5th, and he earned it. Besides ample amounts of style and a heavy bag of tricks Ben had to put up with Burtner’s mall gangster jokes all day. Johnny Lazz fell into forth. He would have done better if he had landed a few more tricks. The Lazz was going for it, throwing hammers all day, and landing the best 180 5-0 180 out I’ve seen in a long time. The bronze medalist was Scott Stevens. Scott entertained all day, and his fast plants, 270’s, and all around disregard for personal safety landed him a cool thousand bucks. Forrest Bailey, who I think only one or two people had ever heard of before his 686 Ad came out in the new Transworld proved that he’s no joke. The kid rode from open to close like nothing I’ve ever seen. Backside 360’s, late 360’s out, any 270, 180, or switch trick, it was just weird. For a kid who just showed up with his friend his newly aquired two grand must feel great. Better than two grand is three, and that’s what chicken dinner winner Nick Visconti took home. Nick didn’t throw the gnarliest tricks of the day, but he did out shine the competition. Perfect presses, great style, plenty of diversity, and a Hot Topic reminiscent outfit (complete with hole in crotch) combined to make the win happen. 


Your winners, Nick, Forrest, Scott, Johnny, Jason, and Ben with their big I.O.U’s.        p. Jordan Strong


Forrest Bailey locked into something dirty.     p. Jordan Strong


Pat Milbery flew right over the wall once, but this press was as legit as they get.     p. Jordan Strong


5-0’s were a popular choice. Ben Bilocq’s may have been the best though.     p. Jordan Srong


Nick Visconti had a nice press too.    p. Jordan Strong


Visconti was all style Saturday.   p. Jordan Strong


Austin Hironaka wishes he were a surfer.    p. Jordan Strong


Local dude Seth Kitzke in his first major rail jam.     p. Jordan Strong


Another local, Austen Sweetin, gapping the wallride.    p. Jordan Strong


“Thanks Dad!”- Austen Sweetin.      p. Jordan Srong


Gus Engle is filthy, in all ways. Back 360 on.     p. Jordan Strong


Gus makes great faces while snowboarding.     p. Jordan Strong


Chris Brewster also makes great faces.    p. Jordan Strong


The best faces of the day. Austen Granger eats shit while Brewster looks on in horror.   p. Jordan Strong


Ben Bilocq doesn’t like to eat shit, he prefers perfect front lips.    p. Jordan Strong


Watch for this one, his name is Jacob, he’s Austin Hironaka’s lil’ brother.    p. Jordan Strong


Austen Sweetin will be bummed on this photo.  p. Jordan Strong


Scott Stevens bounces and presses really well.   p. Jordan Strong


Ben Bilocq (a rumored Vampire) only a hundred miles from the set of Twilight…       p. Jordan Strong


Great frontboard, K2 should be hyped.    p. Jordan Strong


A good frontboard is a must have.   p. Jordan Strong


The Lazz, with bloody elbow, in the middle of a balancing act.   p. Jordan Strong


Visconti on his way to a proper nosepick.   p. Jordan Strong 


You can find Scott pulling tricks in downtown Seattle.    p. Jordan Strong


Way to go Nick! Big winner!     p. Jordan Strong


Thanks to Snowboy Productions for putting this jam on. See you next year.   p. Jordan Strong

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  1. souney
    souney says:

    That photo of Dustin Granger eating shit actually made me laugh out loud. Not LOL, laugh in an audible manner. In an “I hope he is still alive and with most of his teeth” sort of way, of course. Ouch.

  2. bluemont
    bluemont says:

    Gus was awesome. Looked like one of the park residents picked up a snowboard and was a really quick learner.

  3. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    First time I checked this thing out, it was an F’ing awesome event! Nice photos and coverage!

    BTW, Jason Robinson’s “best trick” was a back 3 => 5-0 => 180 out. I’d say he earned it.

  4. askkujo
    askkujo says:

    what was that sasquatch tag i saw everywhere?.. anybody know?.. looked kind of dope… and props to seattle for holdin it down yet again

  5. shiiitson
    shiiitson says:

    Contest looked great, just not digging the “360 on 180 off or something” for Jason Robinson….that kid kills it and it was a 360 on 5-0, 180 off to be exact. give the man his credit

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