High Fives with Todd Richards: Cock Pits!


One of Shaun White’s illustrious sponsors bought him a damn foam pit. As if having your own foam pit wasn’t cool enough, they gave him a private halfpipe as well. Back in the year 1845, when Todd Richards was a pipe superstar they didn’t have foam pits, and halfpipes sure as hell weren’t private. Let’s see what he thinks about all this.

1. Shaun White has his own foam pit. What do you think of that?

Todd: I think that it’s neato, but fucking-A man, we had to take the pain. Fucking land on the deck to learn scary shit. It seems like kind of a great tool but fuck, you didn’t see Lago learn double corks into a foam pit.

2. What would you fill your personal foam pit up with?

Oh man the personal foam pit? Well if it were up to me I would fill it with dildos and blow up dolls. It would be funny to watch people double cock, I mean cork into a sea of faux penis. Chicks would love to learn tricks at my foam pit. Some dudes that I know would be cannon balling into that shit nude. Either that or those fake foam rocks and bricks. Or sticks. What if I filled it with pubes? Called it a hair pit.

3. Top three people you would want to see jump into your dildo pit?

Danny Kass ‘cause he would get the joke. Probably one of the religious riders ‘cause I would want to film them try and get out without touching a single penis, and Iikka, because I think that would be funny to watch him scream in Finnish.

4. No ladies in the cock pit?

No that’s too obvious. They would be like kids in a candy store, half of them experience that every time they go to a bar or hang with the Mitranis.

What about kids? Can kids play in Todd’s cock pit?

Um no, you must be this tall to play. Well Louie’s out. No children in the cockpit. That’s a rule that everyone follows, except for those dudes that Chris Hansen interviews on Dateline NBC.

5. Are you going to buy Louie a foam pit and private halfpipe so he can compete at his peak?

Well times are tough over here at Omatic so we are just asking people to send us their pubes. We are making a pubepit. Should be nice.

Do you want to let the kids know where to send their pubes?

Sure, send them to : (insert Brooke’s address here.)

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  1. Rod Tichards
    Rod Tichards says:

    watch the new Burton B movie. Despite the fact he learned into a foam pit he still had to land on snow in the end and he does deck it a few times. Back to back double corks, I respect the progression

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