Party Time Product Reviews: Gloves Part 2


We didn’t feel like we proved anything with our last couple glove reviews, so this week in tests 3,4 and 5, Party Time Nate really pushed the limits of the hand coverings. Enjoy!

Test #3: The Taco Test

[media id=34 width=555 height=320]

Test #4: So stupid we are not going to make you sit through it.

Test #5: Durability

[media id=35 width=555 height=320]

4 replies
  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I don’t get this guy. These product tests are stupid, sorry for hating, but I havent learned shit about any of these products and none of these videos are entertaining. They are a waste of time. With every companies budgets getting smaller and smaller, I think these companies would have been better off flowing the product to a kid on their rep team or am rider rather than sending them to this dipshit to do his poor reviews. Test the product on snow and give us some details about the product since you have no sense of humor and fail miserably on these videos !!! I’m not buying any of these gloves this year strickly b/c of this guy.

  2. what
    what says:

    Rob clearly didn’t drink enough coffee and missed the fucking point.

    Product reviews are inherently bullshit, and completely subjective anyway. In all reality, you got more relevant information from these than you did about how some dingleberry felt they handled in the snow.

    If a glove can’t handle the snow it shouldn’t be on the shelf, but how does it handle a taco in between runs or being dragged behind your bike on the way home from the shred fest. These are obvious questions that need answering.

  3. daniel
    daniel says:

    Yes, that is what is most important to me, also! I always drag my gloves behind my bike with shoelaces after a hard days riding.

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