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A little lady named Brooke Geery attended this year’s Burton Bash. Being the founder of Yobeat, Brooke decided to recap her experience in the form of a Yobeat article.  Apparently the big “B” wasn’t pleased with Brooke’s personal opinions and a battle involving editorial censorship, money, jobs, and even insults ensued. A Burton employee, probably a marketing assistant, janitor, or intern, even read Brooke’s personal blog about the incident, and commented in a rude and nasty tone, making himself, as well as Burton, look like a bunch of mean old businessmen. Meanwhile, all the way in dumb old SoCal Todd Richards was monitoring the situation and enjoying it ever so much. The following conversation reveals Todd’s feelings about Burton’s reaction and a whole lot of other shit you probably don’t know.

Todd Richards: The fucked thing is that Jake (Burton) is a fucking cool dude and talks more shit than me (in a good way). He wouldn’t give two shits about that article. It’s people giving two shits for him. Which I believe is the biggest form of flattery or flatulence, either one.

Yobeat: That’s the problem. Jake is a cool guy, but his company is so big he doesn’t even know random employees are bringing down Burton by thinking they speak for the company as a whole.

Fucking dudes sucking the proverbial cock that they have imagined for themselves while Jake’s out surfing and not really caring.

But I’m proud of Brooke, she told them to fuck off.

Yes, she told them to fuck off and took the story down. Put it back up with a different title and then she is telling them to fuck off. A nice title like, “Wah wah wah wah wah.”

You think Jake will ever even hear about this scuffle?

The story wasn’t even that funny to begin with, it didn’t slander anyone it just said there wasn’t a light in the port-a-pottie. So where is the big fucking whine fest coming from? It’s not like she upperdecked Jake’s private bathroom. See that right there will send a message. I bet Jake had zero to do with the (party) planning other than, “Hey will you be around on this date?” His company is doing fine, so where is the sensitivity coming from? Fucking gay if you ask me. Get a spine and use it.

Should they have just let this story run? I mean people are always criticizing them about being too corporate. Wouldn’t it have been in their interest to just be like fuck it man we threw a party, you didn’t like it, whatever.

Dude, it would have been off the front page by now and replaced by like Party Time Nate’s pubic hair test of goggle lenses. A better way to deal with it would have been, “Well just don’t invite her to any more shit.”

Do you want to pull your O-matic ad and fire your staff because I wrote a story about Vito that wasn’t 100% flattering?

No I just want to send a pinata full of wasps to your birthday party. See I have a sense of humor, which if you don’t really know me comes off as, “Oh he’s a fucking dickhead bitter old fuck bla bla bla.” but the truth is, if I am taking the time out of my day to give you shit, I think that you are worth it as a human to receive my shit. Here Nick receive my shit.

Did you ever ride for Burton? I feel like you had to have seeing as there were like two companies when you started.

I never rode for Burton, ever. It was a fan boy festival from the start on the east. All my pals did. I wanted to be different, so I rode for Funky.

Have you seen this reaction out of Burton (the company) before?

Maybe, I don’t know. It always seems like the most insecure people in life are the ones to fucking lose their minds when someone talks shit or says something less than flattering about them. It’s not Burton, they just have employees that are really into the scene there, and good for them. Although I have seen these same employees talking mad shit on the once all powerful god when they get tossed sideways and learn they will never get Jake’s job. Burton is a company, not a fucking lifestyle choice people!!!! Jesus, it’s a fucking sport, or semi sport, or frozen activity. We should all be offended that that judge on dancing with the stars is not giving Louie the love he deserves for his rhumba!

I’m seeing this as a good sign for Yobeat. If Burton is willing to get this mad and yell at us, and their employees are reading Brooke’s personal blog and leaving hate comments, that must mean people started reading the site.

No shit.

What do you think about companies trying to trade us product for Ad space?

Get the lube. You’re like, pay me in fucking Oxycontin. The street value of that shit is at an all time high, ask Lindsay Lohan. I hear you. Offer me money. I’ll take it from any county. How much foreign currency do you think Jake Burton has in that drawer where all the foreign coins go?

At least the pro-forms we get offered aren’t for Ad space.

(Laughs) Fucking pro form! That’s when people don’t really want to give you anything, “Oh brah I can give you pro form.” more like, “Fuck man I don’t really want this dude on our shit, I’ll give him the option to buy, that will shoo him away.” Is this whole thing on the record? It should be.

You’re a bad man.

Uncle touch.

You know, if you weren’t so handsome I bet your life would have been a lot different.

Rougeishly handsome, like Han Solo, oh god, this is fucked.

People just assume you’re good for business because you turn on the charm and look good. What if they knew you dream of dildo pits all day.

(Laughs) I Dream of Dildo Pits the new autobiography. Life in the cockpit with Dick Touchington. Throw this up first and really whip the hornets into a frenzy. Throw this convo’ onto the site now, it’s our only hope.

For further on this ridiculous situation go here and here.

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  1. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    we really need to see all the fun that caused this lovely article now…. come one brooke make it happen

  2. the n00b
    the n00b says:

    Blake, if you’re looking for the famous controversial article, it’s over at sketchylanding.blogspot.com (and probably other places by now)

  3. admin
    admin says:

    I am not putting it back up, but an article called “wah, wah, wah, wah” is now available on the main page.

  4. BroBomb
    BroBomb says:

    Damn, what a shitstorm. As a skier I thought we took the cake on over-sensitivity, but I was clearly mistaken. I called Tanner Hall “douchey” and got hatemail, but apparently sense-of-humor-less snowboarders actually wield power.

  5. cope has a posse
    cope has a posse says:

    Hey TR,

    People who work at the ‘B’ have the god damn logo tattoo’d on their arms and shit. They just don’t know any better and plus since they offer such sweet benefits like being able to bring your dog to work, How can you not expect them to stand up for the honor of jake. This is all very unfair and non-brocal of you.

  6. Phiasco
    Phiasco says:

    I fucking love Yobeat, I fucking love Todd Richards, and I fucking love talking shit. Most of all I love that a god damn two planker dissed on snowboarders on our own god damn blog site. BroBomb(BTW that name is douchier than Tanner hall getting sponsored by tampax) can shove one ski up his ass and use the other to slit his wrists while he cries himself to sleep because his life sucks. Brooke Geery is (insert skier slang meaning cool)! But seriously she is the Bees Knees.

  7. Angry Snowboarder
    Angry Snowboarder says:

    Burton has always had the we’re too cool attitude. I remember at a clinic the rep asked us if there were any rumors we wanted addressed. So there was the typical does Jake own Rome bull shit. Well I was joking around so I asked, “Is it true Jake is really satan?” The guys jaw dropped and he looked so overly butt hurt I thought he was going to cry and he got all serious and was like, “why would you even say that, god I hope you’re not serious”. So I’ve come to the conclusion if you work for Burton they steal your soul and your sarcasm. Stick to your guns and fuck them for being whiney little douches.

  8. todd loves front blunts
    todd loves front blunts says:

    hey hoon n pals, for the record, burton makes really good product i have ridden their bindings for the last 15 years or so and love them to bits. this is not what is in question here, i am not making an attack on the product, you guys can do that on your own. just the bull shit that surrounds the mental game that is used to peddle said product. its like oakley was a few years back when i was riding for them, dudes wearing the fucking medusa headgear and saying that its the new shit, all the while the entire planet with the exception of like 4 people thinks he looks like a character out of mortal kombat 3, and getting personally butthurt when we pointed out that he was wearing a leather skull cap with fake leather dreadlocks and it was no where near oct 31st.

  9. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    $ that’s why they’re all in SoCal, that and the surf is shitty enough that even middle age has-bens can learn. Jake is not Satan by the way….

  10. hoon
    hoon says:

    wait…. i shouldn’t be wearing the medusa hat that i got on eBay for $1k on the hill when I’m doing my tindies? fuck.

  11. bigerboulder
    bigerboulder says:

    wooh todd east on the proform, my burton rep has been telling me ive been riding “flow” for burton for the last 3 years and all i get is free outerwear and a proform!. cold blooded, im ridng a yes boad

  12. hoon
    hoon says:

    some 15 yo kid is crying as he was super stoked his shop got him proform before reading this post. oh wait, he can’t read. carry on.

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