Jeremy Jones Goes Rogue

It seems Yesnowboards must be doing really well, as Nidecker is helping launch another pro-based brand, Jones Snowboards. Not to be confused with Jones Soda, the brand is a partnership with big mountain rider Jeremy Jones.


PRESS RELEASE, Squaw Valley USA, Professional Big-Mountain Snowboarder Jeremy Jones is proud to announce his latest contribution to the world of snowboarding — Jones Snowboards.

Based in Squaw Valley, CA, Jones Snowboards is the product of Jones’s desire to develop a line of snowboards catering specifically to freeriders.

Drawing on over 25 years in the snowboard industry and the peer proven talent that won him Snowboarder Magazine’s Big Mountain Rider of the Year Award an unprecedented eight times, Jones will combine his passion for freeriding with his vast research and design experience to deliver authentic products that far exceed today’s standards of freeride snowboards.

“I have started Jones Snowboards to develop the highest performance all-mountain snowboards on the market,” says Jones. “Freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience.”

The 125-year-old, family owned Swiss manufacturer Nidecker was chosen to engineer and manufacture Jones Snowboards because of their long-standing reputation as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced snowboard producers in the world.

“Jeremy’s talents have always inspired us here at Nidecker,“ says Henry Nidecker, company president. “We are excited to collaborate with him on this new project and offer Jones Snowboards both the award-winning technologies and the commitment to quality that we’re well known for after 25 years of building boards.”

With prototypes already in production, Jones Snowboards will make their first appearance at SIA and ISPO 2010. Expect worldwide distribution for the 2010-2011 winter season.

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  1. oater
    oater says:

    great snowboarder. great guy. obvious, not a huge freeride market here in the states. noticed the website was already in french and english. must be big in europe, go figure. maybe yes and jones can team up?

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