Firing Squad: October 6, 2009

Enough already. We were trying to wait until we had a 4 week champion to retire to switch back to snow, but it’s taking too long. Now that nearly everywhere is getting some snow, we’re just gonna go for it. We’re a damn snowboard site after all. For this week, our reigning champ is up against a moody shot on snow. Can you really compare the two? Well, you’re gonna have to. Now vote.

The Champ


The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. It’s almost winter so send some snow shots!

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  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Yeahh snow! We just got a couple inches in Tahoe last week so I suppose its time..

    So, First off let me say I know this isn’t a “trick” contest, that isn’t what I’m about to be getting at. While the challengers picture makes we want to vote for it simply because I’m a pitiful excuse for a human being who would strap in to shred a paved road if there were a couple flakes on it, it just doesn’t speak to me as much as the champ.

    Challenger has great lighting and a really cool sepia-tone to it, but it looks like that slash was done at about negative 5mph with the rider standing completely up. While, as I already said, I know the shot isn’t about the “trick” it is about catching the best possible image. I think it falls under the category of other snowboard images that were framed really well, but then have the snowboarder in some awkward, unappealing position. When I think about a really good slash image I think a) HUUGE whiteroom coud, this guys should be getting barreled b) a good frontside slash image will have the rider laid out mid-slash as opposed to standing up after the recoil

    Good image, but I think the champ still deserves it

  2. nut sac
    nut sac says:

    why do people keep saying that the trick has nothing to do with the photo? the trick is the reason you are taking the photo, so shouldnt capturing the moment be part of the photo? sure you can go out an snap a photo some someone standing on a hill and tell them what happened but should the photo be able to do that with out saying a word. the reason i like photos is because you are free to make up how the story went and even tie in your own emotions.

    with that said i think the content of a photo has everything to do with a photo contest. sure lighting, white balance, framing, and processing are all parts of the contest too but what is a photo without the content?

  3. B
    B says:

    Challenger… i guess….


    But whats with a shot of a straight legged 15 year old grabbing his right leg spraying some man made snow?

  4. mike
    mike says:

    JIMBO said it.

    and why are we not resurrecting Tal Roberts? his photo has skate, snow, and real film! he should have been giving a free pass into the Champions Gallery. instead Chris Garrison and his loser friends f-ed that all up. what a shame.

  5. jw
    jw says:

    I wish that damn snowboarder wasn’t in the way in the challenger’s photo, or else I would have voted for it. Champ for sure.

  6. Phiasco
    Phiasco says:

    First off in both photos the subjects are too centered. However in the champ its not as awkward as the challenger so im going with the champ. I also agree with nut sac (clever name douche bag are you in middle school) The trick matters. If I took a photo of someone grabbing tindy bareass, but the photo composition was great, I would hope no one would vote for it.

  7. Focus
    Focus says:

    Of both the shitty center shots, I chose
    the challenger! The rider is at least sharp and in focus. Everyone
    everyone else would drop the (psuedo) champ for being shit centred AND out of focus! Jimbo depth of field is artsy and all, when the focus is the rider or some thing cool, not a fuck up … Idiot! Both tricks are gay so when it come
    down to it, focus and steeze wins!

  8. Jon-paul
    Jon-paul says:

    Challenger gets the squirrel nuts.
    The potential is there but I feel like its point and shoot with lucky lighting…

  9. homie
    homie says:

    challenger your lense looks a bit dirty. nice little halo above the trees. a white dot which i am not sure is acually behind the spray or not. i reckon your photo is pretty dope but it would look alot better if the rider didnt look as if he was just stopping with some spray coming out. if there was more effort put into the spray it would epic.

    challenger. such a cool photo. love the whole mid focus. gives a reall good feeling. nuff said.

  10. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Haa, I really am starting to enjoy the postings by focus. He has absolutely no concept of the rules/concepts of photography, no concept of what makes an image more/less appealing than another, and is most likely the sixteen year old who was butthurt that his shot of Tom Hanks ass-flipping over the entire “Davinci Code” didn’t make it so now hes trying to thwart the peoples champ….. and yet, he still makes comments with such confidence in the fact that he actually knows what he’s talking about. It’s really inspirational if you ask me. Fight on little brother, no matter how wrong you are

  11. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Oh and just a note on the champs photo… I can’t really tell with this size resolution, but the whole “skater out of focus” thing could most likely be attributed to the fact that there is an overexposed sky behind the subject which tends to drown out hard edges in a photograph. Though it would appear that a majority of the focus is on the grass/rocks in front.

    Don’t bash luck. Believe it or not, lucky variables like that often make for the best photos

  12. naw naw
    naw naw says:

    The champ reminds me of Fred Mortagne’s work. Did anyone ever think that it may be purposely out of focus?? I mean, photography is an art form and artists generally tend to not give a fuck about rules.

  13. pootie tang
    pootie tang says:

    what the fuck? are you kidding me? Did I accidentally hit a link to SKI Magazine? Challenger is GAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

  14. Phiasco
    Phiasco says:

    BTW the composition of the champ is fucking respectable so FOCUS can suck a dick! The challenger shot is about the worst excuse for an action shot I’ve ever seen .

  15. Know Me
    Know Me says:

    Both pics are sick. But only the skater is doing a trick in the pic.
    So, I’m gonna have to go with the The Champ!
    The Challenger looks like a Ski Resort ad.

  16. Challenger
    Challenger says:

    Alright i’m the “Challenger” and i thought i’d explain this photo to all you haters out there. I submitted this photo after seeing a friends on here, and never thought that they would choose it.

    This photo was taken two years ago while i was on the clock working park and pipe for Ski Roundtop. Ski Roundtop is nestled in the grundle of central pennsylvania at an elevation of 600 feet, was where i learned to ride. If you are from Mid Atlantic, you know that we literally have the worst conditions imaginable for our entire short, shitty season. There is one or two days a year where you don’t hear the scrape of an edge on ice or be face deep in slush.

    This was not one of those good days. They were blowing in January to get their shitty pipe “open”. My buddy spencer wilson (the rider) and i hiked this because we saw the lighting and the haze caused by the snowmaking. Spencer is riding on the deck on the ungroomed pipe. I know that a 5 year old can spray a little bit of powder out of a pipe, and i know that the trick is very important, but there are important parts of snowboarding that also need to be captured. Snowboarding is about having fun and living in the moment. This is one of those moments.

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