Party Time Product Reviews: Outerwear Part 2


For this week, Party Time Nate really put the gear in our review to the test. Today, he is trying to see how waterproof each item is by 1) getting sprayed down with a hose and 2) jumping in the Willamette River. He could have drowned on that last one, so please, stop calling him a pussy.

Test 1: Waterproofing

[media id=25 width=555 height=320]

Test 2: Flotation

[media id=26 width=555 height=320]

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  1. brendon rego
    brendon rego says:

    you don’t need to start every video off opening a beer, you’re 40 years old we all know you can legally drink.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hey Brendon… i edited these not Nate, the intro is part of the deal. Someday, you will meet the fabled party time and realize the folly of your way. and come on, jumping into the dirty-ass inner city river in outerwear. that’s at least a little bit funny!

  2. Party Time
    Party Time says:

    Wait when did I turn 40? Must have passed me while I slept. At least I have all of my hair still. Would say I look good for 40. West Coast river water must help then. Have you been in the water here Brendon? Are you from the East Coast or something? Bad water in those parts.

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