Forum/Red Bull Party in New York City


The NYC snowboard scene. 

While, by mother nature’s discretion,  New York City is no epicenter for powder days or nice long handrails (go ahead and disagree, but setting up an 18 stair with mostly dirty slush and dead leaves isn’t all its cracked up to be), it certainly has become the happening place to hold a snowboard-related party.  This weekend was no exception, with Red Bull lending their space in SoHo for an east coast premier of Forever Forum; Forum’s latest and greatest offering of mountain mayhem and urban annihilation.  


New York girl snowboarders – LG, Nikki Larmer, Jen Smith

For those of you who’d like to know, Lower Manhattan’s SoHo, “South of Houston Street,” was a center of light manufacturing and textiles up until the 1960’s and 70’s, when most of said industry moved to the city’s periphery (This is how Jersey got so dirty).  This hollowed out area became a haven for crackheads, junkies, drunks, petty thieves, perverts, and everyone’s favorite social derelict, artists!  Warhol, Basquiat, the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Keith Haring, etc., etc., etc., all spent almost 100% of their time in this post apocalyptic twist of cast iron fire escapes, 14 foot vaulted windows, and cobblestone streets.  They rented industrial spaces for what was rumored to be about 14 dollars a month, and showered in the back with a hose.  Life was pretty good for yesteryear’s hipsters, until the …gasp… yuppies moved in, and ruined everything. 


PA rail jam destroyer Dom Luza & His entourage

The reason a bunch of 16-25 year old people who ride various forms of wood on various forms of ground would ever travel to what was a decrepit dangerous part of town is brought to you by the beauty/evil of gentrification.  Artists seem harmless, rich art lovers move in to hang with the artists, drive the rents up, the junkies move to Brooklyn or Giuliani arrested them, and before you know it, what once was where Basquiat shot himself with that last needle of heroin, becomes a Gap, a Victoria’s Secret and an Old Navy.  So here we are, in 2009, able to meander about the shopping mall of SoHo, all to watch a snowboard video in the room below the offices of a multi million (possibly billion?) dollar beverage company.  


RedBull Dj

But hell, drinks were free, time cures all wounds.  

Once entering Red Bull’s loft space, you find the truly eclectic crowd perpetually attempting to talk over loud, droning, techno/house/drum and bass music (It’s all Greek to me).  Many people rekindle old friendships, give the old “yo bro!” high five, and get their free adult beverage.  Seventeen year old girls get drunk by stealing wrist bands and cups of Stella Artois, you get the drift.  


Cedric, Scott (me!), Emo – owner of Method Board Shop, a great shop in NJ

Now that the scene is set, Forum’s video was well received by all.  It was truly a “snowboarder’s” snowboard flick.  If you enjoyed Video Gangs, That, and the Resistance, you need not read this, because you will definitely like this video.  As I remember, it was about 50% back country, 30% street and 20% park.  Pat Moore opened it up with some serious metal, big jumps, and dialed spinning, and set a musical score that the rest of the video didn’t attempt to follow.  Stevie Bell and Jake Welch cruised it in the streets, both bringing different slants on that whole “style” thing we snowboarders always get all bent out of shape about.  Both had some unique-Rube-Goldberg-style-walride lines.  Off buildings, onto buildings, onto other buildings from other buildings.  John Jackson is an amazing backcountry snowboarder.  I, at one point over heard someone say, “I don’t even like backcountry, but this dude is cool… like, see that! you’d see that and think.. man I’m not doing that.”  I rest my case.  I have always loved Peter Line, because he’s a legend, so I’d give it up to him, and to Eddie Wall for still giving it their all.  Everyone else’s part was well, good snowboarding.  If you like good snowboarding, buy this video.  If you want to be shocked by strange things you didn’t think you could do on a handrail or watch people get drunk and/or pole jam, do not buy this video, but I promise your demographic is covered by other releases.


Scott Gallo, Ashley Mangels (owner of Akrynm outerwear)

 The moral of the story is: snowboard videos are a good excuse to party, and New York is a great place to party.  If you’re looking for street cred, go to Max Fish or the Bushwick Country Club and play pool.  If you’re looking for free drinks and a dude-to-chick ratio of 65% to 35% (There was a line for the men’s room, not the woman’s) then the next advertised New York City snowboard party is a must-go.  

Words by Scott Gallo

Photos by Nikki

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    NYC snowboard scene is wack, bunch of wannabe’s that think they can ride. bring it out to the west and lets see what happens.

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