Bald E Gal’s Tiller Premiere

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Photos by Mike Thienes. We don’t know who they are either.

By Jack Boyd

Thursday night marked the release of Bald E Gal’s ninth shred flick, Tiller.  For those of you unfamiliar with the production company, they’re responsible for jumpstarting and documenting the early careers of Midwest shreds gone good such as Joe Sexton, Ezra Jacobson, Dan Brisse, Ricky Tucker, Zac Marben, Jonas Michilot, Jake Olson-Elm and so on.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the premiere, because well, I’m a responsible adult who can no longer afford the luxury of driving across state with a carload of friends whose only aspirations are to watch a (hopefully) kick-ass video, get drunk and maybe make out with someone of the preferred sex. No, today I had better things to do — like unpacking Rome gloves and refolding items in the sale box. And of course there are parental responsibilities that await me after the workday, being that the state requires children to fed and looked after at least twice a week. And being that I blew the previous five days, I’m blaming my absence at the premiere on my stupid job and stinkin’ kids. Just kidding – I love my job.

So, like any stalker forced to watch from a relatively safe distance, I decided to rely upon someone who could get me closest to what I so badly sought. Enter Mike Thienes, one of the founders of the ‘ol Eagle. Here’s his take (or what he remembers) of the night and some other odds and ends thrown in for proper measure.

Headache morning after? Good turnout?
I went to sleep at around 4am and woke up at eight to go downtown to get my truck before it was towed, visited my grandma and then worked at the shop from 11-8.  My head hurt the whole time, but you gotta man up!

Is this your best video yet or do you feel like they’re getting worse as time goes on?
I think all the videos have always got twice as good as the release before it.  I have never been satisfied with any project we have done yet, but with no budget, I think the collective has really grown into something…  I am just not sure what that is yet.

Did you feel like the applause, if any, was genuine or pity?
Kids in the Midwest are always stoked to see a guy from their local shop or spots they can identify.  We try to keep the riding level at a pro level, but these kids are just up-comers or homies that have made it and are down to help contribute to the projects.

Whose part seemed to be the favorite?

Ryan Paul, Dan Brisse and Cody Beiersdorf’s. Matty Faust’s part was really enjoyable too with Victor’s brother Riff Raff throwing down the music as Matty got thrown off a bridge. All the parts are solid.

If you your parents took you to the adopt-a-shred and you could only pick out one of the following three orphans from the cage – Jake Olson-Elm, Viktor Simco or Jordan Michilot, whom would you save?
Damn, that’s a tough one. All those dudes need a father figure to set them straight.  I would have to say Jake O.E.  He is a fellow beer ponger and St. Cloud State White Capper.

Does Ally still owe you an assload of money like it owes the rest of the world?
Ally owes us money from Smorgasbord and Trees Please.  We paid for everything — the filming, production and copies and they just sold the videos. Yet, we never got paid.  They stole from the whole crew.

If someone had a rifle to your head and you had to choose one part to drop from the video whose would it be?

I can think of a few shots that could be dropped but other than that I would have to say shoot me motherfucker.

Check out the teaser for Tiller here.

  • Jack

    And of course by “All photos by Mike Thienes” we also mean LeAnne Simpson. Yikes!