Party Time Nate Product Reviews: First layer Part 1

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If you snowboard as hard as Party Time Nate, you probably sweat a lot. So how well do the latest first layer pieces from Bonfire, Dakine and Airblaster do when put to the test? Nate works up a sweat and tests each one in today’s PT review.

  • brendon rego

    i vote this guy off yobeat everything he has put up so far has been ridiculously gay, sorry “party time nate” looks like the cool bus left without you.

  • dear Brendan. I vote you out of snowboarding. you are just another jibber with super normal style and boring tricks that look like rollerblade tricks. What “cool bus” do you ride? Quit talking shit.

  • I vote more Party Time Nate

  • notrainingwheels


  • brendon rego

    it’s not talking shit it’s my opinion. in my opinion when you try hard to be funny you’re stupid. this guy is a jack ass, his videos are stupid, not funny and pointless.. and just remember who’s posting there opinion with there full real name “peter t”. i don’t ride the cool bus, i rode the short bus and i was so beat they booted me off.