High Fives with Todd Richards: Dancing!


Talk to Todd Richards and he’ll tell you that he is proud of his family, career, and his tiny dancer. While Louie might not be kicking enough ass over at ABC to get his board graphic shown on national TV, he is in negotiations with Todd to get an O-Matic neck tattoo, or at least a patch on the chest of his sleeveless shirt, to help rep his number one sponsor.

1. Your team rider Louie Vito is on Dancing with the Stars. Your thoughts?

Todd: I love it, I think he is the future of dancing.

2. ABC repeatedly blurred the O-Matic logo during Louie’s riding shots. Did you cry?

Yeah that sucked ass. I was like, “Here comes the money shot!.” then Blam-O! Here comes blurry board, fuck that. But I guess I didn’t pay an assbag of money to ABC. We did get a logo on there when Louie called out Donny Osmond.

3. Have you considered making Louie tattoo O-Matic on his forehead?

Neck tattoo had come into the conversation several times. He has a couple tats already, I figure a mellow neck tat would be sweet. But Monster would beat us out. What’s your price for a Monster tat on your neck dude? I’m saying mine would be like, three mil. Pierre Wickberg just said a quarter mil.

4. What do you think of Louie’s sleeveless silk shirts?

Well they are better than his ass-less chaps. Oh wait, you didn’t know about those. My bad. Wait, why do I know about those? Oh god. This is going down the wrong street. I really love them. They don’t show you when he ripped the sleeves off back stage, “These sleeves are so binding!!!”

5. What do you think of Louie’s new nickname, “Louie Froto.” and what nicknames do you have for him?

I have the only nickname that should stick, “Tiny Dancer.”

Now if you missed it, the Todcast from night one of DWTS.

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