Boa Technology is at it Again

Now I was under the impression Boa was a dead or dying technology in snowboarding, but apparently not. According to the info below they are “stomping” people. Could you imagine curb stomping someone in a snowboard boot? Here is some info from the people that make those dial up boots.

Boa Stomps the Comp with New H2 Coiler Reel
Boa Debuts H2 Coiler Reel to Compliment Focus System on 09/10 Partner Snowboard Boots

Denver, Co. – Adding to the arsenal of Boa options available to the snowboard world for Winter 2009, Boa Technology, makers of the award-winning patented Boa® Lacing System, introduces the new H2 Coiler Reel. Featured on some of the most innovative boots this season produced by DC, Vans, K2, Ride, Flow and others, Boa is once again taking performance fit and zonal closure to the next level for elite riders.

Living and breathing lacing technology 24/7, the design crew at Boa created the new H2 Coiler to complement the already radical Boa Focus system launched last season. “We are always looking to innovate and improve the performance of our products,” says Boa Director of Product Design, Brett Vladika. “And we designed the H2 Coiler to be our most secure, low-profile, high-power reel yet.”

Meeting the sport’s highest-performance standards by delivering the perfect combination of on-the-fly micro-adjustability, bombproof construction and all-day secure closure, the H2 Coiler, combined with Boa’s revolutionary Focus System, offers snowboarders ultimate reliability to ride first chair-to-last call every day. Automatically winding in slack lace when tightening the reel, the Boa H2 Coiler boasts a stronger, lower profile push/pull mechanism to counter unintentional reel pop-outs on big landings, simple lace replacement and more custom colors options for product designers.

“The H2 Coiler was a big favorite among athletes and product designers during development and testing over the last two winters,” says Boa Sales Manager Ilya Minkin. “The Boa Focus Lacing System, featuring the H2 Coiler, delivers multi-zonal adjustability in all conditions, anywhere on the mountain.”

About Boa Technology
With offices in Steamboat Springs, Denver, Colorado and Chiba, Japan, Boa Technology Inc., is the creator of the award-winning, patented Boa Lacing System. The revolutionary Boa® Lacing System optimizes boot design and enables a more “dialed in fit”. The ultimate result is superior performance and a level of customizable comfort never before experienced in the snowboard and ski boot industry. Visit for more information.

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