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This video comes from Scottie Gallo. He is a Dirty Jersey dude who recently did something very rare in snowboarding, he graduated from big kid college. Now that Mr. Gallo has a nifty degree from NYU his  super education and massive brain power have combined to not only make him a huge Yobeat fan (duh) but also a critic of all things snowboarding. In his Fan Mail Scottie expressed disdain for today’s shred flick market. Keying in on the fact that most films have shitty music and a lack of on-hill audio. While Gallo’s “edit” doesn’t have any on-hill audio (because of a re-editing process) he thinks his choice in music is pretty spot on because it (in a rough quote), “…accentuates its simplicity.” Gallo also admitted the quality of the edit was poor, and that he is no super-pro. So what do you think Yobeat readers? Watch the edit and cast your vote.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    I do like the song he chose, he’s got skills on rails but the editing does not really flow with the song (and I always thought that on-hill audio is something reserved for rails…curious that it’s missing). Oh and I am glad I do not have to ride the “mountains” this guy has to ride.

    What matters is that this guy is having fun, he is not too serious about himself and he shares his vision of fun with us. All hail Scotty Gallo.

  2. Liv2Ride
    Liv2Ride says:

    Michael, Don’t be hating on the mountains of dirty jerz. Only we can do that. Mountain Creek was once home to two-time Olympic medalist and General of the Grenade Army, Danny Kass. Not too many other mountains can claim a pedigree like that.

    Jersey, only the strong survive

  3. JLD
    JLD says:

    I like his rail skillz… maybe mix it up with some big ollies or how about a nice classic method? The edit was meh, but I watched it twice, so good job dude!

  4. jefferz
    jefferz says:

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  5. scott's girlfriend
    scott's girlfriend says:

    I love the simplicity of the video. I’ve seen so many videos where kids go overboard with editing and it takes away from the riding. The song is great and the tricks are awesome. Stay sexy. I love you!

  6. Kael
    Kael says:

    haha i am relaxed. Dont take offense to what i said just because you dont agree with it. They asked what the readers thought and i just said that i dont like the song, kids obviously got skills, just all kids these days can sit in the park and throw down, actual filming in the streets and backcountrys a whole nother story.

  7. tpain
    tpain says:

    made from stolen youtube friend edits. would like to see the same sort of thing with a decent 3 chip camera and an editting program that isnt imovie. probably would add some serious production value, but with the same feel

  8. alex
    alex says:

    i think that the ridin was good and the edit was good. his style of ridn fit the music but like he sed the editin portion of the vid was weak. u cant rip on profesional edit cuz it takes waaaay more then 2 days in the park 2 make unless ur jordan mendenhall so use the music you want and ride what you want.

  9. somedude
    somedude says:

    What a waste of time. If you are gonna shit on other people’s filming and editing techniques and post your own work on a popular snowboarding site you better back up your words. This clip doesn’t do that at all. It is exactly what this kid says he hates. It has a shitty song, unimpressive editing and quality, no on hill audio, and only showcases the fact that he can slide a rail. I didn’t attend NYU but my UNH education is enough to express my own disdain for the fact that this kid is talking out of his ass and not backing up his argument at all. In fact I will go out on a limb here and say that this clip’s content is what’s really wrong with the snowporn industry today, only featuring some kid sliding park rails and not making one turn down the actual mountain at all.

  10. Plugs
    Plugs says:

    I dig it, but NYU, give me a break. Any shred with 60g’s a year for tuition can suck my dick. I’m not supporting this shit, he’s got his parents to do that for him.

  11. Grinch
    Grinch says:

    Being from Jersey I think you’re required to use a Bouncing Souls song in your video part. The submitter fails and should therefore die in a fire.

  12. that kid from the shop
    that kid from the shop says:

    scott, edits sic. i remember hearin that you were headin to salt lake soon, dude have fun! love the song. love the footage. haha and love nick dakotah. be easy bro.

  13. donnie
    donnie says:

    fucking scottie gallo sucks so much. horrible style, he thinks he knows it all, his girlfriend is a whale, and they just both suck in general. scott, you dont ride for signal. sorry you know someone. sorry but you suck and all you do is front blunt and front board. get real dude. seriously.

  14. Second Class
    Second Class says:

    Hahahahahahaha New Jersey sucks, I drove through there once. All I need to see of that place. Hundreds of rich white kids, acting ghetto. Everyone drove 70 mph, I sat at stop lights for 20 minutes at a time, and cops kicked me out of a Home Depot parking lot for sleeping in my car. Fuck ’em…

  15. jay chill!!
    jay chill!! says:

    btw mr second class, NJ has some of the ghetto-est areas in USA man, and some are on the countries most dangerous- Newark, elizabeth and patterson. so get real. yeah, some rich kids but most work for what they have. you ignorant fool.

  16. Gooch
    Gooch says:

    “fucking scottie gallo sucks so much. horrible style, he thinks he knows it all, his girlfriend is a whale, and they just both suck in general. scott, you dont ride for signal. sorry you know someone. sorry but you suck and all you do is front blunt and front board. get real dude. seriously.”

    … Don, you obviously know this kid and i doubt you’ve ever said that to his face. its one thing to critique the edit
    but you just sound like a whiney-comment-board-scottie-obsessed-bitch.

    at the end of the day, he “knows someone” at signal and got a park edit put up on a snowboard website… he’s doin better than you dude. post us a link to your video, or better yet, send in some fan mail and get it up here.


    i didn’t like the song, but i saw some trick variety.

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