A Helpful Hump Day with Kyle (FishDix) Fisher



This pile of hair was eventually the prize in a HCSC raffle. Totally worth it.      p. Ian Clark

Kyle Fisher has one of the weirdest lives I’ve heard of. A snowboarder through and through, Kyle loves all things helpful and all things dirty. When we first met he was a long haired stranger. Now-a-days I’d consider him a short haired homie. Fisher has done everything from clean up poop at HCSC to be Pat Moore’s personal assistant in his quest to be a snowboard bum and good times master. Hiding in the shadows Kyle has always killed it, and it’s time for snowboarding’s biggest handyman to get humped.

Yobeat: So why are you so helpful?

Kyle: I don’t like to disappoint people. I’m from the midwest, Mama raised me right. I always like to help where I can.

Where are you from?

Troy, Michigan. A suburb of Detroit.

Did you grow up wanting to be a Rapper?

No way. I grew up knowing I wanted to get out of Michigan. My whole family is in the auto industry and the only other thing I wanted to do when I grew up was to NOT have anything to do with that.


It’s a squirrel, it’s a fish-stick, no wait, it’s a super method!  p. Dave Brewer

Being from Motor City did you lose your virginity in the back of an American made automobile?

No, at Desire (Melancon’s) house, not with Des though, don’t get that mixed up.

How old were you?

Are you joking man? Next Question…I was 40.

Was it regrettable? Or were you stoked?

Super Stoked.

You currently reside in Salt Lake City. The bars close early and the beer is basically water, how do you manage to get drunk?

Hard alcohol, or beer. Your body gets used to the difference and it’s sick because when ever you go to another state you get annihilated.


Not even worth an explanation.

What do you do during the summer?

I’m a camp counselor at HCSC and last summer I got to be skate facilities manager for session six.

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen as a counselor at HCSC?

First off anything on an in-between. One time I saw a kid fall off a skateboard and it shot out from under him, launched off a quarter pipe, and smash through the front windshield of a car parked out on the street. That was pretty wild. This summer a kid in the lodge had crazy diarrhea and he didn’t make it to the bathroom. There was a trail of shit down the stairs and into one of the stalls. One time I actually gave my hair away in a raffle at the end of the session. Some kid thought that it was all he won, and then he got binders.

What do you do in the Winter?

It changes every winter but full time snowboard bum and part time whatever crappy job I can get my hands on. Last winter I worked at Urban Outfitters and the winter before that I worked at a grocery store. Oh yea I also was Pat (Moore’s) personal assistant for a bit last year.


What a freaking feature. Tell me you’re not jealous.  p. Dave Brewer

Tell me about being Pat’s assistant, how did that happen?

Pat and I met at camp when we were like 13 or something like that. I crashed his house for a month when I was kicked out of the dorms for christmas break at Colorado Mountain College and I joked around with him about him needing one. Then a month later at the X-games he introduced me to (Pat) Bridges as his new assistant and it just happened.

What were you’re duties?

Made a brick walkway and a deck, took care of his mail, picked him up and took him to the airport, took care of the Red Bull, and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, shit like that. The house flooded last Christmas when I was the only one home and I cleaned that mess up too.

Flooded? What caused that?

No idea, backed up pipes? Came up out of the shower in the bathroom. There was like hair and noodles and weird stuff like that.

So what are the benefits of being Pat Moore’s assistant?

I get to live at the nicest house ever and I’m addicted to caffeine and there’s tons of Red Bull all the time. I don’t know, it’s nice to live in a place with your friends. That’s the best part.


I’m guessing you didn’t know Pat’s assistant could board so well.  p. Dave Brewer

No money, trips, vacations, or gear benefits?

We went to Spain, that was insane! Hondo, Fern, Danny Scanz, Pat and I. The beaches there are nuts, gorgeous topless babes as far as the eye can see. Oh, and I love gettin’ pats old socks. Can never have enough shred socks.

Why don’t you just use all Forum gear? Are you sponsored or something?

I get rep flow stuff from the best dude ever Dave Graves. Capita, Union, Ashbury, 686, and some hats from the dudes at Fun Hat. Johnny D will toss me a pair of gloves from Celtek once in a while. I’ve got great friends.

So what happened to your job as Pats assistant? Where did that go?

I kinda still do it but Pat got a new house in NH. He’s back to the east coast for now, we’ll see what happens when the snow hits the ground, plus I probably just sucked at it.

Worst thing you ever had to do for him?

Nothing’s bad, probably just the flood. I was so worried about that. I was terrified when I had to call him on Christmas at like eight at night to explain to him that his nice ass house flooded and I was the only one there.

Why weren’t you home for christmas? Does your family not love you?

Naw’, the only way I could get a job last winter is if I worked holidays, so I kinda set my self up for that one. I did convinced my friends Zink and Brendan to come over and I bought a 26 inch pizza.


Summer night shoots are scary because everything turns to ice.   p. Peter Schons

Tell me about your random marketing  job at the Dew Tour.

Showed up to kick it with you and met a girl named Lisa. Shot the shit with her for a bit, ended up sticking around for the rest of the weekend because I don’t have a job and I’ll always work for food and booze.

Between all of these odd jobs which paid the best?


Which was the most fun?

Urban had tons of hot babes, Dew tour was just fun in general, and HCSC paid good and I got food and house and everything. HCSC wins.

So working for Pat is the big loser?

No, Pat’s is sick because I get a place to live. I’d be homeless with out Pat.


The shirt and photo combine to make one dirty scene.

Tell me about your blog.

TheDirtyKids.com is a bunch of friends, some boarders, some not boarders, just people I hang out with. There’s a possible video in the works, it will be free, and most likely unenjoyable. You wont be disappointed if you don’t expect anything.

So are you a dirty kid?

Yes I am a dirty kid, physically and mentally.

Dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Shit I don’t know. Just stuff that happens with Micah (Hollinger) at the candy shop, RIP. I would lose friends and the little respect people have for me if I told you anything.


This spot seemed to be the season’s hot spot.  p. Dave Brewer

Why did the kids in high school call you Smelly Kyle.

Just the Pine Knob kids I hung out with. The kids at my school didn’t really know that nick name. I was just a little kid who didn’t shower and just looked dirty all the time.

Have you ever filmed, or are you strictly snowboarding’s biggest helping hand?

I do raise the snowboarding youth of America at HCSC so I guess I’m a helping hand?

So if people wanted to see you snowboard where would they find you?

Summer camp recaps? Youtube? I heard I have a shot in Fern’s part in the new Team Thunder video, but I haven’t seen that yet. Thedirtykids.com.

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  1. terence
    terence says:

    the first time I met kyle he was a camper and was trying to help me figure out which girl he should make out with of the two that were down. i told him the obvious answer was both at the same time and he blew it. welp.

  2. tdannyk
    tdannyk says:

    the first time i met kyle he said he already knew me. my friend johnny was supposed to pick him up at the airport but told me i had to do it. we were like 14 so i had to get my mom to drive and kyle was crazy, he slept walked through the house the first night and on the second day i found him trying to find porn on my family computer. he got kinda mad when there was none, dummy doesnt know how to use google i guess.

  3. robbie
    robbie says:

    Kyle and his dipshit friend Danny gave me a mental breakdown. I do laugh about it now, but I don’t forgive you. Revenge is going to be so sweet. someday…

  4. royal
    royal says:

    i made kyle puke up his dinner into a glass this summer. he did it no questions asked. every inbetween he would stay at my house and his diet is consistent of hungryman microwave dinners, hot dogs, mountain dew, and pabst. he’s also a classic putz.

  5. TDwillK
    TDwillK says:

    kyle i hope you didnt forget about the time you broke into my house when i wasnt there and left a sht in my toilet.

  6. AustinG
    AustinG says:

    two things… kyle is a shit master when it comes to picture messaging me the solid 12 pound terds or just shitting his pants in the dairy section of city market… 🙂

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