Under Review: Salomon Acid



Name: Salomon Acid

Price: $430

Review: Everyone should try the Acid, especially in the mountains. You’ll feel like you’re floating, and you’ll be getting higher than you’ve ever been before. Keep trying the Acid and you’ll be inspired to explore the depths of your talent. You’ll be able to move at any speed without moving a muscle, and the scenery will be beautiful. While you’re trying the Acid shit will look crazy. A landscape of natural and man-made obstacles will zip by you in a constant blur, and if you take the time to look between your feet you’ll notice colors, shapes, and imagery that might be a little too much to handle. Girls are going to comment, your parents are going to wonder why you’ve spent so much time away from home, and Ski Patrol will be on the look out for your wild ass. The girls though, they’ll want to try the Acid, but don’t share, they probably can’t handle it anyway. So if you are looking to get higher than you’ve ever been try the Acid, just watch out for the side effects.

On-hill: This is one trippy board. We are talking a stiffer reverse camber stick. So think of it as your jump weapon, not your cheat code for rails. This board makes for a great jump/haul ass board because it’s wider, giving you more stability. It’s stiffer, allowing for harder turns and better landings, and snappy as hell. Even at a million miles an hour you can still crack a mean ollie. I didn’t really like it on rails though, but I was riding three centimeters larger than I usually would, and the reverse camber didn’t turn my rail maneuvers into things of beauty like a noodle board would. Basically this board reminded me that I am not a pro snowboarder, but it was fun as hell. If you’re into hauling ass, like really hauling ass, this board has your name all over it. If I was going to sum this one up, I’d say it’s a turn and burn jump machine that begs you to point it through the trees and take your jump game to the next level. Just don’t be surprised if you still can’t nosepress or if boardslides just feel a little dicey until you get adjusted to the Acid.

Ins: Girls love the graphic for some reason and that means you’ll get to talk to them, fastest board I’ve ever ridden, super fun for the haul ass balls to the wall approach, really sturdy (a.k.a. the only board I didn’t do permanent damage to this summer.)

Outs: Not my first pick for rails, I’m sure after you get used to it it’s fine, but still, not the best jib board out there. The graphic kind of hurt my eyes, but I’m a pretty minimalist guy, so who knows if that matters.


Still flexible, but a better pick for flying and jumping than for sliding and swiveling.


Try the Acid, you’ll be able to get so high.

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11 replies
  1. blake
    blake says:

    nick let me ride this board one day at hood and the side cut is a little mellow for rails, but it was really poppy. and poppy equals jumping fun

  2. Georgie
    Georgie says:

    This review made me want this board bad, but it totally contradicts what Salomon says its for. Would you say it has better edge hold and can move more comfortably at a higher speed than a TRS Libtech BTX ??? Thanks!

  3. blake
    blake says:

    i think magnitraction is squirely as fuck and i do not like riding those boards fast, so i would definitely say this board is gonna be better at a higher speed then the TRS

  4. Georgie
    Georgie says:

    I think its just a series of straight lines, rather than a curves to make the edge?
    Did you get to ride one of these Blake?

  5. blake
    blake says:

    yeah, i rode the one nick had. it’s got the equilizer side cut, i think that’s what they call it. three straight lines. i didn’t really notice a difference between it and regular sidecut, but it was hood in july so it’s not the best of testing grounds.

  6. gram
    gram says:

    blake, when did you become extreme snobro tester?
    how is the olympic training going these days, you only have a few months left brah

  7. RedLedger
    RedLedger says:

    Where’s the best course to learn snowboarding? I have some time and money available to me this winter and it’s time to retire my skis. Recommendations? Continental US, if you please.

  8. ben
    ben says:

    would you consider this board all-mountain, or would it be meant for park. I ride 151 and advanced/intermediate rider.

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