High Fives with Todd Richards: Snowboard Videos!


It’s that time of year. Snowboard videographers are locked away in the studio making sure the cuts match up perfectly with whatever kind of music is popular in videos this year, getting the latest flicks ready for human consumption. What will this year’s videos bring and more importantly, what does Todd think? As a man who’s been around snowboarding so long he actually has the longest video part, ever, coming out this year, we figured he’d have something to say.

YoBeat: What video are you least looking forward to this season?

TR: Um well, I would say that the new Warren Miller film would be my least anticipated. I think that the whole Zutnik the Wonder-dog shit is dead, in fact I think Warren Miller is dead too. Or he’s dead to me

YoBeat: Which snowboard video company, if any, do you think is NOT going to blow it this year?

TR: Hmmmm, what does blow it mean? Like sell 4 copies? That’s pretty much everyone since the whole pirate bay thing is so easy. I would say anyone who has made a video with an Elph and edited that shit on their Macbook Am, and somehow convinced Nike to give them 10gs for logo placement.

YoBeat: Do you think anyone will be able to make snowboarding look cool this year? Is that even possible?

TR: What should anyone care how snowboarding looks? Fuck, as far as I’m concerned it just needs to feel cool. I mean, have you seen what snowboarding looks like on the hill lately? Might as well be WWF costumes. Once peeps get up in the air and on the rails it looks sweet, but trudging through the parking lot…. I am included in this bunch of walking tards, don’t get me wrong.

YoBeat: Would you rather film on shitty rails with Josh Sherman and have to share a bed with him all season, or hang out with JP Walker all season and end up in a video called This Video Sucks?

TR: Seeing as how rails and I don’t get along all that well, usually they end up in my ass or pressed against my rib cage, I’ll go with JP and his sucking.

YoBeat: Seems that Action Sports documentaries are all the rage this season, they even gave Parks Bonifay one, oh and you. Why would anyone want to watch yours?

TR: Well, if you want to see me at my most awkward then that is reason enough alone. Plus any time that Bridges can drop history on you is always awesome. There is neato footage in there from the old Mouse, Whitey, and Fall Line days that is funny as fuck. I mean, I don’t know how anyone thought that I was actually good.

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  1. trichards
    trichards says:

    brooke blows it on the second question: I would say anyone who has made a video with an Elph and edited that shit on their Macbook Am, and somehow convinced Nike to give them 10gs for logo placement.

    that was the answer to who do you think is killing it . jesus brooke…….fuck…..

  2. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    Right, which is why the question is who is NOT going to blow it, or in other words, kill it. Don’t worry Todd, I heard they are going to stop teaching reading in 2010 so your illiteracy won’t be as embarrassing.

  3. soup
    soup says:

    tood hasnt watched a snowboard film in 5yrs.

    that being said.. who hasnt blown it this year, so far… Absinthe. big ups.

  4. trichards
    trichards says:

    oh soupy, i have watched them, the point is , i cant remembe any of them. cept for travis’ movie and scotty stevens part in stack footie

  5. Summit County Dude
    Summit County Dude says:

    Is this the place to let everyone know that I may have a giant man crush on Todd? Everytime I see him I choke on my words, he said “hey hows it going?” and I said “Tuesday I think but that shit don’t itch so much anymore…”

  6. Todd Blows
    Todd Blows says:

    Todd: So cool, never been a guy so adept at milking it. He’s 40 years old and still ruling……..in the self promo dept. Wow, to Estes I say yeah. “I’ll shred the pow, you can have your groom!”
    Hhahhaha Yeah Mikey.
    As for Richards, can you just fade away man. Seriously…….get a desk job.
    Oh and STFU on Mt. San Antonio willya?

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