Under Review: Nike Kaiju



Name: Nike Kaiju

Price: $350 US

Specs: Nike Free sole system with zoom air cushioning. One piece TPU backing to prevent wear and tear from binding crunch. Available in four colorways.

Review: Remember last year? Nike came out with boots and everyone freaked out. Well, this year Nike is coming out with new boots, and I’m sure everyone will huff and puff over these ones too. The new Nike Kaiju will join the shelves with the Air Force Zoom as Nike expands the line. These new foot protectors are a sleeker, more tech filled boot than their big brother. They offer crazy comfort, thanks to “zoom air cushioning” for more impact protection, and an ease of use that rivals the industry’s top products. You’ve got to lace them up, but it’s a speedy and dependable lace up. They walk around like shoes. The liners are comfortable, and the boot as a whole has an incredibly slim profile, perfect for those in skinny girl pants I love so much. The Kaiju has two little features though that make it a stand out. It has a great flex, but when it does there is no folding or crumpling of your boot. Nike cut out a slit in the ankle, tied it together with some crazy technology called “flywire” that can’t be broken by lowly humans, and ended up making a boot with great flex and comfort. The Kaiju looks like a giant running shoe in a way, and is definitely more appealing than the previous effort. Overall it’s slick, and works well. If you’re too cool for Nike, you won’t like these boots, but otherwise, they get our thumbs up.

Notable Stuff: Super slim profile, extremely comfortable, walk like shoes, dependable lacing system, on and off quickly, don’t soak through, even in August.


Comfy, neat looking, work well, that’s all you really need to know.

All the products in these reviews were provided by the companies and we’re given to YoBeat after the review. Of course, we broke most of them in the testing process, but what can you do.

18 replies
  1. shredface
    shredface says:

    ‘an ease of use that rivals the industry’s top products’.
    cuz the interface of most boots just makes their ease of use-ability really poor

  2. 720 boardshop dude
    720 boardshop dude says:

    I got 200 + days out of the zoom force 1’s, finally broke a lace loop in august. Super soft good park boot and good for those with the lazy slob steeze, I’m tryin these this year and for those of you that think Nike shouldn’t be in snowboarding or skateboarding go watch Search For Animal Chin, half the dudes in there are rockin Nikes. So if ya don’t know now ya know Ninjas!

  3. amy
    amy says:

    $350? really?
    i think i’ll stick to my “mediocre” pair that don’t cost as much as my board.

    but if you had the money i suppose they’d be worth a try.

  4. tbd513
    tbd513 says:

    Nice description. I did some testing of the Zoom Forces last season, which weren’t bad but didn’t live up to my standards. I passed along plenty of feed back for the dude who’s building these boots. In mid July I tested my new Kaijus on Hood and oh man, never ridden a boot like these before. Big price tag for sure but if your an older dude with a little money and your looking for high end freestyle these boots kill it.
    -Amazingly light
    -unique skate like feel on the board but still plenty of padding for flat landings
    -great freestyle flex while still holding the foot in place
    -much faster entry and exit then the Zoom Forces
    Just to name a few. I read a blog or two last season where there was some Nike hate. Thats fine but there is no one else putting boots out like these, plus I’ll be making turns with some boots that feel like nothing you’ve experienced. boy.

  5. Animal Chinstrap
    Animal Chinstrap says:

    “Unique skate feel”
    “Freestyle flex”
    Dude.. give me a break. Hope you’re not getting paid for writing that BS.

  6. Animal Chinstrap
    Animal Chinstrap says:

    I apologise; “skate like feel”
    Anyway, it’s BS. how can being strapped into some bindings feel “like” skateboarding? I mean, snowboarding does produce a similar feeling to skateboarding in its sideway sliding and chulking nature, but: thatt’s just a totally flawed use of the word, man. For some reason snowboard tech fools keep throwing “skate” into their product descriptions, I don’t know if it’s because of the “street cred” factor, or just that these people don’t actually move your feet while skateboarding, if they ever do it. I’ve seen them on the mini ramps, with their “nollie backside disaster” fucking kickturns!

    What DOES “skate like feel” mean?! tell me!!

  7. shredbundy
    shredbundy says:

    How awesome is it that rome feels threatened enough by nike to the point that they join forces with the bitches at consolidated skateboards…way to beat a dead horse rome.

  8. indikid
    indikid says:

    yo i tried the zoom kaiju and they fit awesome , like a pair of sneakers needless to say i picked up a pair …. booo ya

  9. riseofrome
    riseofrome says:

    these suckers are raw. this isn’t science (or is it?) quit with the big words, grab up a pair, and start shredding; if u can’t shred and haven’t invested time in the sport don’t invest your money in these boots. theres my peace

  10. RC
    RC says:

    So what is the consensus on these? I took them on a 7-day trip to Austria and my feet were soaked after 3 runs for the rest of the week… How could they not be waterproof? Very disappointing. I’m in process of returning. I’ve been riding for 5 years consistently and never had wet feet all day like this. Wouldn’t recommend these, especially at that price tag.

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