Brian Walnum: Story of a Champ


By now you’ve probably figured out how the Firing Squad works. Win four times, get a camera pack from Dakine. Not a bad deal right? Well to win you must survive the wrath of Zimmerman and anonymous commenters, so it’s easier said than done! But Brian Walnum of San Clemente is the latest inductee to our Firing Squad Champions Gallery. We cught up with him to find out more about himself and his winning shot.

YoBeat: Who is the skater in this shot?

Brian: Shane Cox . . . the kid’s got skills with style and a good attitude.

YoBeat: Where is this spot and without giving away too much, how did you find it?

Brian: Irvine, Shane had found this one somehow. Go for a hike, you may find it.

YoBeat: How did you take this (flash set up, equipment, etc)?

Brian: Canon EOS-1D MarkII (thank you Allen Kee), Canon 50mm 1.4, single
Quantum Instruments T5D (thank you Paul Son)
Exposure: 1/320
Aperture: F/2.8
ISO Speed: 50

YoBeat: Did you do any post processing?

Brian: Yeah I put that ugly vignette on it, as soon as I sent it in I regretted PS’ing that. I’m glad Zak was the only one who commented something and it was at the end. I also kicked up the contrast and desaturated some colors.

YoBeat: How annoying were the kids wondering if he was grabbing?

Brian: I knew it would be confusing to the young and uneducated snowboarders but I thought it was funny. Shane’s actually grinding around the full pipe, first one ever done.

YoBeat: What’s your background? What do you usually shoot?

Brian: Broke kid working hard. Introduced to skateboarding at a young age and photography shortly after. Niko Achtipes gave me some direction early on and I haven’t stopped since. I really only shoot skateboarding but I’m trying to diversify and make this photography thing work.

YoBeat: What do you think makes a good skate photo?

Brian: Anything can be good as long as its sharp.

Check out more of Brian’s work at his website:

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  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    well actually i guess it doesn’t have to be sharp to be a great image.

    @ claybs. no video was shot this day. we plan on going back very soon. ill post a link to the clip as soon as its done.

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