Under Review: Forum Destroyer ChillyDog



Name: Forum Destroyer ChillyDog

Price: $450 US

Review: Historically The Forum Destroyer has been a great jump board, but things at Forum changed and so has this year’s boards. Now you can pick up the Destroyer ChillyDog, a reverse camber option that is surefire fun. Set this bad boy up and you’ve not only got a board that can handle your jump game, but a board that can lock into a press just as well as any other jib stick. Forum packed this one full of pop, and made it stiff enough to plow through just about any condition. I know the word stiff sends a shiver through a lot of backs, but when you’re running the ChillyDog your jib game is going to improve, even though you haven’t.

Yeah, there is both “freestyle” and “all-mountain” categories in snowboarding, but this board takes the best of each situation and blends them into one. Think of it as your all-purpose wrecking machine. The Destroyer ChillyDog can handle jumps, will make your nosepress look more believable, and can handle most break neck situations you find yourself in. I’d mark this one on your wish list.

Notable Stuff: Awesome graphic, bends a lot, all-in-one capabilities, handles speed better than a meth addict.


We tried to break every board out of the bag. The Destroyer ChillyDog didn’t make a sound even though we beat it half to death. End of story, this board is tough and that $450 you’re spending will be worth it.


We thought it looked cool too. And hey, Forum is actually giving one of these bad boys away so click on over to their site and enter to win.

All the products in these reviews were provided by the companies and we’re given to YoBeat after the review. Of course, we broke most of them in the testing process, but what can you do.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Dear rome: The board has 7mm of rocker, but it’s different than other brands rockers because its a continuous arc—hence continuous rocker.

    Dear Satan: What?

  2. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Dear admin: isn’t Forum a wholly owned burton subsid? Just thought it odd that Yobeat (whom I highly respect for all things SnowShred) would review this board vs a GNU park pickle or perhaps a neversummer (US made goodness). In hindsight I realize that Yobeat and PLine are pretty tight, so he probably flowed the boards. Just curious, not hating B-)

    • admin
      admin says:

      dear Satan: Burton and Forum are related but not the same thing by any means, and this is just the first of the reviews of many brands we’ll be doing all month. thanks for respecting us. no one has ever done that before.

  3. DChu
    DChu says:

    Did you guys actually ride this thing at buyer demos or summer riding? Or are these general impressions based on screwing around with it at your study.

  4. DChu
    DChu says:

    Nice. Based on the specs, this review, and Good Wood (yea, kind of bs methodology, but bad boards typically don’t win it) I picked up a 156W as a jib/park deck. Stoked.

  5. pimp
    pimp says:

    I just bought one forum destroyer chillydog 158 . it’s like a toy really :)) I’m affraid to ride it `cause it’s so …… soft …..:))

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