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When the snow stopped falling this year Matty Ryan retired to the Dirty South for a little R&R (in the form of construction) before yet another winter. Sure, Bozwreck will be back in action once SLC see’s some winter, but for now Matty is off traveling the world. YoBeat caught up with him in Athens, Greece to see what’s up.

Yobeat: What have you been up to this summer?

Matty: Well I lurked around SLC for about a month. Then moved to the dirty south, checked out thangs’ down there, now in Athens, Greece.

What are you doing in Greece? Who are you with?

Over here on business and pleasure, been more pleasure, but shit’s been so much fun. I mean damn I just worked construction for three months in the south so I am even just psyched going to cafes and shit around town with Boznutz. Getting beers and shit. Just takin’ the culture in.

What business does Matty Ryan have in Greece?

(Laughs)…shit good point.

Are you the new french connection?

Damn I hope so, I love french girls.

What’s your take on the Dirty South? How’d you like that part of the country?

Ok so this is how I look at the South, they got it all figured out. To me it seems they are just hyped on a way simple style of living. Just psyched to be doin’ whatever they’re doin’, no bitching or complaining. Hyped on life people. So that being said it is real easy to get along down there. I mean I’m in Athens, Greece and I’m psyched to get back to the Dirty.

Sketchiest shit that happened this summer?

There have been a few here in Athens but not sure if I should repeat them. Can we just use that as the answer actually.

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