High Fives with Todd Richards: Hurricane Bill!


So Mr. Todd Richards is busy this week chasing the great wave. Apparently the coast of Florida is about to get rocked by some huge waves due to a a storm swell off the coast. The name of this wicked wave is Hurricane Bill or something like that. Since Todd is busy chasing the dream waves I thought the wonderful YoBeat readership should weigh in on this situation. So what do you all think?
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  1. trichards
    trichards says:

    i like this. because i was too lazy to do anything this week, and i wanted brook to think that i was over doing shit for yobs so she would be more stressed, i opted to not have anything to say. but i really like when we talk like this. so feel free to ask me anything. personal advice etc.
    i know wakeskate geery is going to try and say this is what the forums are for, but i dont like those places. i like this place, our place…..so…go

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