Skiers are All Kooks?: 30s Thursday Goes Skiing


Let me start off by saying “Wow!”  Nothing in my 30+ years on this Earth prepared me for this.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have expected my last 30’s Thursday article to enrage the world of Freeskiing like it did.  And here’s why:

A.)    I never thought they’d see it! (I knew Freeskiers copy snowboarders, but I didn’t think they even read our websites).
B.)    I wasn’t aware that Freeskiers had no sense of humor (I actually thought they were probably very funny since they all dress like clowns).
C.)    I had no idea they were so emotional! (Mentally they are very prepared for the emo-fashion-phase, which should hit freeskiing in a year or so).

When the message boards flared up like a pack of hemorrhoids in a GS suit, I couldn’t help but read the comments.  I was AMAZED at how much time people spent writing back (thank you, it’s very flattering as a writer).  Here were my two main reactions and subsequent realizations:

1.) My first reaction was:  Why do they even care?
Then I realized that when you look up to and emulate someone — it’s often a traumatic blow to find out the people you admire think you’re a kook.

2.) My second reaction was: No, seriously… why do they care?
Then I realized, “Oh yeah… the truth hurts.”

Think about this logical breakdown of the above realization: Let’s say you have a flawless physique (rock hard abs and a butt you can bounce a quarter on) and somebody calls you fat: you could care less!  You know you’re not fat, so you dismiss the statement as nonsense.  No effect.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re a bit chubby (lil’ gut, maybe some muffin tops and a bubbly rear) and somebody calls you fat — you get bummed out, pissed off and really take the comment to heart because you know there’s some truth to it.

I’m thinking this is what happened last week.  I poked fun at some very self-conscious skiers.

Just when I thought freeskiers were all kooks and that their comments solidified this fact, somebody forwarded me a link to an article on responding to my column.  The freeskier/freelancer John Symms, realized that I was just messing around and responded with some fun stuff that restored my faith in parts of the freeski community.  (Thanks John)

So are freeskiers are all kooks?  I think not!  Just like anything in life, you’re going to come across a few bad apples that spoil the bunch.  There are some awesome people out there crossing ‘em up and we snowboarders should realize this.  No matter what the population, generalizations are a mistake.

Honestly, my day skiing up at Mt. Hood was one of the best days of the summer.  Our diggers tried to tackle me thinking I was a poacher (I got them good).  I learned how to stop, turn, jump (spreaders and ski methods mainly), and I even 50-50-50-50’d my first fun box.  A lot of people seemed to like my speed suit and I spoke with some skiers who were very cordial.

The closest thing I can relate my ski day experience to, is that it was kind of like growing a moustache:
A.)    It was really fun, but a bit uncomfortable.
B.)    It can get a bit too hairy if you don’t know what your doing.
C.)    It was cool for a little while, but you quickly realize that you look nuts and need to stop.

See you next week?

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  1. Just ride
    Just ride says:

    Ive never met a freeskier in the park that wasnt fun to ride with. Im from NY and the ones out here are usually kinda gay and think their better than everyone but at hood ive never seen a problem. I dont understand how people are getting this mad if your that mad about the posts from the last one you are prob the douche at the mountain that people dont want to ride around. just shut up dont complain about the park just hit the shit its fun as hell

  2. Machete
    Machete says:

    No wonder you snowboard, you’re so sore from getting ass-fucked that you can’t even bend your knees.

  3. Ride4Life!!!
    Ride4Life!!! says:

    This makes me wanna go snowboard with all my friends in our Zumiez gear and sit on all the cheese wedges and landings. We can ride onto a rail. We’re awesome.

  4. Q.NZ
    Q.NZ says:

    Aspen eXtreme has nothing on this. Has had my whole house hold in laughter. Keep up the solid entertainment. Looking forward to the next twister twister spread.

  5. dipset
    dipset says:

    haha. i read most of those comments on the other article. Too bad all those guys are too ignorant to take a joke. not going to lie though, i read that espn article. he was good about it. he actually agreed with the some of the list. thank you preston, you are the man.

  6. Diddy
    Diddy says:

    Man, this is good stuff. Keep up the good work, Preston. I’m not sure what’s funnier, the article or the comments. My favorite from last week:

    “have you seen rollerblading lately just saying shits off the chain”
    Enough said.

    There are some bored people out there. Who knew that people are so sensitive, too. Skiers have a serious Napolean Complex going. The gnarliest skier brah bro dude I know once admitted to me during a time of weakness that he once tried snowboarding when he was a kid and wasn’t any good at it, so he stuck to skiing. Secretly, the whole time he had been wishing that he could be good at snowboarding. Enjoy what you do. If you do something and its fun, then keep doing it and don’t give a fuck what other people say…Actually, scratch that. Please keep getting really pissy about nothing, skiers, because it’s absolutely hilarious.

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