Louie Vito is Dancing (with the Stars)


Rumors had previously circulated about an appearance by none other than Louie Vito on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. We even asked him about it on a past Hump Day. But alas, Louie had been beaten out by some gymnast and snowboarding was once again not that big of a deal. But what’s this? The Olympics are this year and Louie is (still) a hopeful. The geniuses at ABC finally got smart and Louie is officially a member of the new cast! (He’s a star, we think.)

Check out his bio on ABC.com. “We can’t wait to watch this champion pro boarder shuffle down from the slopes to the floor of the Dancing with the Stars set in Season 9.” Neither can we ABC, neither can we.

(Rumor is this deal is worth $250k plus 50k for each week he advances! Dance hard Louie.)

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  1. Shredface
    Shredface says:

    Todd I know you check this site a bunch and I think you’re a funny guy and I respect all that you’ve done for snowboarding. Now I know you’re not Loiue’s keeper or whatever, but how are you going to deal with this? This is not cool.

  2. trichards
    trichards says:

    why is it not cool ? because YOU dont have what it takes to be the next best dancer ? it is what it is. louie is into it thats all that matters. you can hate all you want, but in the end it does not affect YOU directly, it doesnt affect ME directly, or ANYONE for that matter. i think its awesome. its funny as fuck actually. i hope he wins ! i myself wish that i had the balls to show the world my dance moves. its bad enough that i get punched for them

  3. trichards
    trichards says:

    why is it not cool ? because YOU dont have what it takes to be the next best star dancer? it doesnt affect YOU or ME or ANYONE for that matter. its louies gig and i back it. personally i think its funny as fuck. i hope he wins ! i actually wish that i had the balls to show the planet my sweet dance moves, because as of right now they get me punched in the face or drinks poured on me.

  4. donna vano
    donna vano says:

    Hell ya Louie! I will be glued to my TIVO for this one. I’ve seen his moves don’t be fooled. He can dance! Big up’s to you Louie. Lot’s of love, Momma Donna

  5. GeezME
    GeezME says:

    YEah Lo.V rocks, he should have his own tv show, im thinking something like the george lopez show, hahaha. todd you could play george and louie be your son

  6. ugly
    ugly says:

    remember when snowboarding had respectable pros? we’re 2 years away from becoming rollerblading. thats why its not cool todd. our sport is going away. how many shops went out of business in your zone?

  7. steve
    steve says:

    oh shit its that burton dude again saying how snowboarding is 2 years from rollerblading when hes pushing shawn white and his target collection ! how many shops did burton put out of business ugly ?

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