Forum Jamz is Free on Itunes



Certain companies have always been labeled one way or another. In the case of Forum, a “gangster” hip-hop association has been created. So it’s not really surprising such a brand would come out with an album with the word Jamz in the title. But in an almost embarrassing way, the three tracks included in this late summer release really grow on you.

Every song is directed towards making fun of you, me, and everyone else on a snowboard. A combination of tech-hop and old school beats hide in the background as the lyrics punch every snowboarders pride right in the face.

“Bed Spread Hoodie” pokes fun at everything and everyone. The big pants, the small pants, the super pro, and even fear cannot escape the clutches of this tracks sly remarks. Little zingers are hidden all over the jams collection, my favorite line being, “…sick like syphilis.”

While every track is unique from the others each share one main theme, snowboarding has a lot of stupid shit in it. But in reality that is good, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are probably boring. If you find yourself mad at Forum, or crying at the end of Forum Jamz then you should consider therapy because this is a free mix tape that is absolutely enjoyable, even if a bit ridiculous.

To get a hold of your own free copy click this link: FREE MUSIC

  • DanD

    This is the best free thing ever

  • Anners

    Srsly! So tired of the bitchy runway attitude! Snowboarding is FUN, remember? Thanks for lightening it up.

  • ninjacool

    Keeping it fun is whats its all about! Heck yea FORUM! Looking forward to a Forum winter! shaka brahs and Hold da nose all the way.

  • wallyride

    Bedspread Hoodie is the summer jam we’ve been waiting for. Although I wouldn’t say they’re “going at” JP with that line, as kids do jump from pro to pro as far as their looks are concerned.

  • Andie

    I tried downloading, no success. States not available in the US. HELP!