Get Well Soon Lucas!


Lucas Magoon is in “serious condition, but stable” in the ICU of Renow Health Hospital in Reno after a fall skating. The folks at Boardistan did their reserch and found out he is NOT in an induced coma as was previously reported on Twitter. Lucas is not only a great kid and amazing snowboarder, but the richest man in Rutland! If we prayed, our prayers would go out to Lucas. Get well soon buddy!

Update: 9:00 PM Aug. 13, word from Lane Knaack is that prognosis for Lucas is good. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Update from EStone: 9:21 PM. Hey Everyone I just got off the phone with Lucas’s nurse. He is not in a coma. They are keeping him heavily sedated to minimize the chance that he will move around and cause his brain to start bleeding again. The bleeding has stopped and the swelling is going down. They will try to take him off the ventilator in the morning and bring him out of his lucid state. Lets all pray for him tonight.

Update: 11:10 am, Aug. 14. Lucas is awake and off the ventilator. Friends say he is “awake and confused.” He is still in the ICU and under constant watch, but is doing much better.

Update: 3:27 pm, Aug 14 from E Stone: I just got a very positive update from one of Goon’s friends at the hospital. He is awake and is showing his classic Gooner personality. He has a long way to go but is on the path to recovery. For anyone who does not know it was a skateboarding accident. Pending his insurance situation we might be hitting you all up for a donation. Thanks for all the positive Vibes.

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  1. Me
    Me says:

    He is in fact in a coma… The bleeding in his brian has stopped but they are drilling holes to relieve the pressure from the swelling.

  2. The Catfish
    The Catfish says:

    Who cares where he’s from. It sucks that this happened to such a good rider and I hope he makes a full recovery.

  3. sk
    sk says:

    Damn lucas, your the man, this is the first iver heard but get well soon homie, you do some amazing shit. pc

  4. Anonymous friend
    Anonymous friend says:

    Yo, Lucas is def. not in a coma. he is responding WELL To neuro. tests and off his breathing tube.Well anyways he is getting much better and i hope he rocks a hard shell too

  5. Immediate Family Member
    Immediate Family Member says:

    Hey ME….they NEVER drilled any holes to relieve the pressure. and YES he they did induce coma to stop hiim from hurting himself further. he is now off the ventilator and responding, however he still is not fully alert and is still mostly sleeping. and YO it’s kind of petty, in light of the seriousness of this, that you give shit about him saying he’s from Rutland, not Pittsford. His entire family is from Rutland, his address was Pittsford just 8 miles away, the big deal about this is????? Get a grip!

  6. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Talked to Lucas’ mom today…. No holes drilled in his head, but still an option if the swelling doesnt go down. He is periodically woken up and he is responsive and does what the doc’s are asking. yes he is from pittsford, but who cares about that. Lets all be worried about him getting better right now!

  7. cb
    cb says:

    lets get some details on the fall itself? the hospital reports only give half the story…ANYONE reply if you ACTUALLY KNOW what happend

  8. shitster
    shitster says:

    gooner, get better my man. i don’t want to see snowboarding go the way of the gypsy, you define swag. stay up brotha.

  9. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    He’s a good snowboarder, but not even in the top 1000 of nice guy snowboarders. (He’s kind of a dick)
    Nontheless, I truly hope he makes a full recovery and starts wearing a helmet.

  10. AJ
    AJ says:

    Lucas man youll be up and shredding that shit in no time man Rutlands got your back and we send our best wishes brother. It doesnt matter where the fuck lucas is from, he still is reppin rutland and his story gives up coming riders something to look forward to. Rutland all day everyday. 802. what it do. stay strong goon. love you

  11. maxw
    maxw says:

    fuck you all .dont know shit wont be shit.hes a time bomb?lucas has given all of his money to friends and strangers who needed it more than him and now people are gonna give back to him believe dat.sherry has gone and hated on every blog or internet social whatever she can to talk shit.lucas is one the most talented,special kids ive known sucks for you sherry you dont got friends like that prolly cause youre an internet hater by trade

  12. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Lucas, we love you here in PA, and are hoping and praying that you come back soon. I’ve been talking w. your mom and knowing she’s there makes us all feel better. You work hard and you can do it…then come and see us and spend some time, it’s been too long. Love forever, Cheryl Bob Joan and Otto Magic.

  13. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    any new news on magoon its been 5 days has he gotten better or worse!

    ++++vibes and our prayers are with you

  14. Midge
    Midge says:

    Subdural hematomas ain’t no joke. After mine in 2008 left me dizzy for seven months, (it was also concussion #4) I finally agreed to ride with a bucket. Best of luck to Lucas and family.

  15. nikocioffi
    nikocioffi says:

    Rutland movie almost done 10 percent of all sales go to our man magoon hes a boss check out our website for more information on the video

  16. SR
    SR says:

    gooner helped pave snowboarding to what is today, hope you get better man, your a legend in my books man.

  17. Garrett Martin
    Garrett Martin says:

    well just the other week i started watching his videos and he’s now my favorite rider…people that say they have met him say that he’s a douche and shit but i still think he is kool and i’d like to meet once in my life and ride with him…
    But yeah alls i can say is get better man it would be a bad if something bad happened to you

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